Author:  Dan O’Malley , Senior Product Manager, Cisco Internet of Things Group

Mission and business critical organizations worldwide are increasingly adopting and using secure broadband networks, supporting open standards and multivendor technologies, and using new public safety applications, while adopting new policies for bring your own device (BYOD) using Apple iOS and Google Android smartphones and tablets for their personnel. Now they are bringing their own coverage (BYOC).

The rate of adoption is continuing to accelerate because of the next technology trend, called the Internet of Things (IoT), which empowers public safety to make its communities and cities safer. In fact, according to recent research by Cisco Consulting Services, this represents more than $4.6 trillion in Internet of Everything (IoE) value at stake for the public sector.

Instant Connect

First responders rely on mission critical communications and sensors to fulfill public safety needs, further empowered by the Internet of Things

The IoT is the next technology transition in which devices will allow us to sense and control the physical world by making objects smarter and connecting them through an intelligent network. IoT is about connecting the unconnected.

At the International Wireless Communications Expo (IWCE), Cisco and partners will demonstrate next-generation public safety solutions based on open standards, secure networks, and Internet of Things technologies and solutions providing important benefits:

  • Enhanced reliability: Cisco’s IP infrastructure keeps the mission-critical network running at the most critical times.
  • Cost savings: Cisco’s software solutions allow less expensive endpoints to communicate with user groups.
  • Improved operations: Agencies can now communicate with voice, video, and data in open collaborative ways.
  • Multiple-vendor solutions: Cisco’s software allows customers to choose between many best-in-class vendors for an entire solution.
  • Solution support: Cisco offers support for the entire system, including third-party components, with a single support call.

We will showcase new solutions for next-generation instant communications using private and public networks that are now available to government and enterprise customers. Cisco’s IoT solutions support public safety, utilities, and industrial customer needs with multivendor, interoperable broadband technologies for mobility: BYOD, bring your own application (BYOA), and bring your own interface (BYOI). Cisco’s technology gives system integrators the ability to connect different systems that unify P25, LTE, and public safety broadband technologies easily and affordably.

In the Cisco booth (#755) we will be demonstrating our newest Instant Connect software solution, which includes an integrated phone dialer and live video streaming client. Etherstack will be demonstrating how legacy base stations can be reprogramed for P25 narrowband. Cisco will highlight the Virtualized Enhanced Packet Core is a software application that routes data over LTE networks.  We will have a live Band Class 14 system in our booth base on Parallel Wireless LTE in a box solution. We will be showing Sonim Ultra Rugged phones on Band Class 14 using Cisco Insant Connect push to talk software. We will demonstrate dial connect product form Technuf that allows push to talk users to easily make and receive telephone calls. We will demonstrating video connect that allows users to easily stream live video to an on premise solution or to the cloud. We will feature the Rollts Domino which allows users to wear a push to talk device connect via Bluetooth to the Cisco mobile client application.

IWCE 2016 is taking place this week at the Las Vegas Convention Center.

We look forward to seeing you there.

Cisco Instant Connect and Cisco Public Safety Team





Kacey Carpenter

Senior Manager

Global Government and Public Sector Marketing