What happens when the market leader in cloud infrastructure partners with an open source expert? We witness a very unique opportunity for disruption.

Recently, Cisco and Red Hat announced an integrated infrastructure for OpenStack-based cloud deployments. OpenStack is a collaborationf developers and cloud computing technologists aimed at creating new, scalable solutions. This partnership will target enterprise and mid-market customers by streamlining deployment and operation of OpenStack-based private clouds while providing access to the InterCloud. The integrated infrastructure will combine Cisco Unified Computing (UCS), Cisco Application Centric Infrastructure (ACI), and Red Hat Enterprise Linux OpenStack Platform.

Together, Cisco and Red Hat will deliver a set of InterCloud-ready solutions designed to bring OpenStack to enterprise and service provider customers. By combining complementary strengths, Cisco and Red Hat are in the position to capitalize on this disruption and strengthen their positions as market leaders.

The three main offerings of this solution include:

  • A Starter Edition that enables quick and easy installation for enterprise private clouds;
  • An Advanced Edition that enables rapid deployment and operation of large scale private clouds; and
  • An Advanced ACI Edition that delivers policy-driven infrastructure deployment and operation for large scale clouds.

Over the years, cloud technology has grown tremendously. And now, open source is the emerging catalyst for cloud innovation. As the cloud industry incorporates greater open source technology, this partnership will present a unique opportunity to accelerate collaboration around OpenStack, ACI, and InterCloud. This is especially important for public sector customers. Nowadays, agencies are moving their IT operations to the cloud to take advantage of the agile development, streamlined operations, and next-generation applications. With Cisco and Red Hat’s proven methodologies to transition current IT infrastructure to the cloud, organizations can undergo a quick and secure virtualization. Furthermore, the scalability of services provides cost-effective options for large government organizations and research institutions as well as smaller agencies and educational facilities.

Having worked together successfully on unified computing and networking for years, Cisco and Red Hat are poised to deliver relevant, innovative, and secure solutions for the cloud technology of tomorrow.


Mike Younkers

Senior Director, Systems Engineering

US Public Sector - Federal