Do you remember the school science fair? You know, the one where you worked for weeks to give fellow classmates the experience of a lifetime using only a tri-fold presentation board, random objects you found in your garage, and the remnants of a sibling’s chemistry kit? As I head to my very first Cisco Live in Barcelona this week, I can’t help but feel the same excitement I felt walking into the school science fair years ago – but equipped with far better supplies than a tri-fold board.

For those of you as new as me, Cisco Live is a customer conference where customers, partners, and experts come to learn, explore, and connect with the most exciting solutions in technology. Apparently, it’s also so much more than just a “customer conference.” The more I learn about this event, the more I think it’s going to be a lot like those science fairs I remember, except with booths featuring cutting-edge tech and incredible innovations instead of diet-soda and MentosTMrockets.

To be honest, I still have a lot of questions. We’ve been planning for (and talking about) this event for months, and I’m starting to wonder:

What’s it really like to attend a #Cisco Live Event?

While at #CLEUR, I’ll report back on some of my favorite experiences, whether in a booth, talking to customers, or aimlessly wandering the magical “IoT and Industries Showcase” and “World of Solutions.”

As a marketer returning to Financial Services after a few years, I’m also eager to hear directly from our customers about what’s really going on in the industry. I’ve read the analyst reports and seen the forecasts, but I’m ready to hear straight from our customers:

What’s top of mind in Financial Services?

If you’re like me and have also never experienced a Cisco Live event, you might have questions too.  Feel free to ask them in the comments, whether about the event in general, or Financial Services-specific booth or demo questions.

What’s on my to-do list before Cisco Live?

  1. Get in on the hype with this “What to Expect” video by the Cisco Live events team.
  2. Make a plan of attack. I hear the popular sessions book up early. They’re like the cool kid’s booth at the science fair. Expect a crowd.
  3. Follow @CiscoLiveEurope and #CLEUR on twitter to get the latest and greatest highlights, right from the source.

Stay tuned! While you’re at Cisco Live, make sure to come check out our featured partnerships with Apple and BigTinCan, Pega Services, and AppDynamics at the Cisco Financial Services booth!