Forward-thinking faculty members and staff at San Jose State University are using Internet of Everything technologies in innovative ways to transform education:

Project Assistant Quyen Grant is using Cisco collaboration technologies to expand learning across international borders, working with students and universities in Vietnam through the Social Work Education Enhancement Program (SWEEP); Advertising Professor John Delacruz is using Cisco TelePresence for his students to deliver final presentations to potential advertising clients who may be in remote locations. Julia Curry-Rodriguez, associate professor of Mexican American Studies, uses Cisco Lecture Capture to help non-native English speaking students improve their language skills.

These are just a few of the examples we learned about on December 10, 2014 at San Jose State University as they hosted global media, analysts, social media influencers, and Cisco for a series of roundtables that addressed how the Internet of Everything is impacting industries including education and the public and private sectors.

This event, in conjunction with Cisco’s Global Editors Day Conference, sparked new conversations about how the Internet of Everything is helping universities to virtually connect faculty members, and students with one another from one side of a campus to the other, and to connect with other universities, students, and other institutions around the world.

To emphasize the importance of technology, not only in education, but in the future landscape of the working world, San Jose State University President Mohammad Qayoumi discussed the need for “technological fluency” as society continues to tackle global challenges. President Qayoumi is breaking new ground, and he clearly understands how to push the boundaries of education by using the Internet of Everything technologies to address the challenges we face.

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Renee Patton

Former Global Director of Education and Healthcare

Global Industry Solutions Group