Co-authored with Sabrina Gonzalez

As we move into the second month of 2021, the pandemic continues to create new risks and force transformation in education.  Classrooms open and close. Students and educators grapple with questions of access and equity. Schools, colleges, and universities are forced to reassess their digital strategies to enable remote teaching and distance learning today and prepare for a hybrid future.

Where distance learning and remote teaching were once “nice-to-haves,” they are now mission critical. Education institutions of all shapes and sizes need remote solutions that can empower student and faculty interactions, provide flexible access, and enable it all with end-to-end security.

So how can your school, college, or university securely enable remote teaching and distance learning?

Step 1: Put security first.

54% of IT professionals think that remote workers pose a greater security risk. With your educators, administrators, and students spread across geographic locations and accessing class from a variety of personal devices, you need security that is flexible, cloud-delivered, and proactive. 

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Step 2: Optimize your virtual classroom.

39% of U.S. college undergrads think online education is superior to in-person learning. 

It’s possible to make the virtual classroom as engaging as the physical one. Empower your educators and students to teach, learn, and work anywhere. Using Cisco Webex, your education institution can create deeper student engagement, enhance administrative productivity with new video experiences, and transform the virtual classroom with virtual whiteboarding, integration with your LMS, and secure collaboration and messaging. 

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Step 3: Simplify. Simplify. Simplify.

Making the leap to distance learning was difficult. For many educators, it was their first experience with virtual education. But it doesn’t have to be hard to train your educators and administrators: Cisco solutions make it easy by creating simple-to-manage IT solutions that integrate cloud-based meetings, calling, and security.

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Why Cisco Secure Remote Work?

With Cisco Secure Remote Work, you can provide your customers a trustworthy, integrated solution with built-in security to keep your users, applications, and data secure – when combined with our ecosystem of partners, the possibilities are endless. 

Our Secure Remote Work offering gives you the flexibility to choose a customizable suite of solutions across the portfolio, or a preconfigured bundle that aim to provide a competitive price point. We are committed to helping you leverage your current investments as a foundation upon which you can evolve and grow as your institution’s needs change. 

Today’s changes and tomorrow’s uncertainties are redefining education – from how you reach students to where you teach and learn. Let’s reimagine the future of education together.

How are you empowering your remote teachers and students? 

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Today, secure remote work; next stop, Cisco #FutureVoices

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Heather Keleher

Marketing Coordinator

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