Good news: the E-rate filing window has been extended! That means you have more time to apply for funding that can help your school district upgrade its IT infrastructure to better support digital learning.

The filing deadline for the FCC Form 471 has been extended to May 26, 2016. This extension also means that you have a little more time to file your Form 470 as well, which is due four weeks before the Form 471 on April 28. You can go to USAC’s website for more information on the filing process and what you need to do to apply for E-rate funding.

Additionally, USAC announced a second, separate extension specifically for libraries and consortia. Since libraries and consortia have to wait for schools to file their paperwork before submitting their own applications, their Form 471 filing window will now close on July 21, 2016. The effective Form 470 deadline for these applications will be June 23, 2016.

ErateDeadlineExtendedThe extensions come in response to many applicants’ requests for more time because of difficulties filing with USAC’s new online tool, the EPC system. But if you’ve already filed for E-rate this year, there is more good news in that USAC is optimistic that the window extensions won’t cause delays in application review or funding decisions. In fact, they plan to start reviewing next week!

Why should you apply for e-rate funding if you haven’t already? Check out this whitepaper on how E-rate funding can help spark a digital transformation in your school. Or visit Cisco.com’s E-rate page to learn more about the program and see how schools like yours have taken advantage of E-rate funding to expand opportunities for their students.


Renee Patton

Former Global Director of Education and Healthcare

Global Industry Solutions Group