EFF_LogoRemember to join the Education Fast Forwad (EFF6) debate which will take place at the Education Word Forum with remote participants via Cisco Telepresence.  It  takes place  on Monday, January 28, 2013. Entitled From Learner Voice to Emerging Leaders, the debate will be filmed in front of a studio audience for the very first time and broadcast by Cisco TV.  The live stream is accessible on Promethean Planet from 11 a.m. to 12 noon (GMT) on the day.  See the Promethean Planet page about the event for further unformation and also to tune into the Live Broadcast on the day.
If you are interested in current education developments and in particular the influence that learners can have – this is not an event to miss.

Those people watching the live broadcast can also comment using Twitter using the Hash Tag #EFF6 – please make your presence at the event known.  The twitter feed will be monitored for questions and points raised which may also be mentioned in the live debate.

Remember to Tune in at 11a.m. GMT  on 28th January, 2013.

See further information about the event by accessing the folowing web pages,

The Promethean Planet EFF Page
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My own personal Blog Post about the forthcoming event