Miami-Dade County Public Schools (M-DCPS) wanted to cut costs and improve student results. Cisco Digital Ceiling is illuminating the way.

As the fourth largest municipal school district in the United States, M-DCPS in Miami, Florida has approximately 22,000 teachers and 350,000 students.


In the hopes of attracting and retaining more students and teachers to Miami-Dade County Public Schools, Deborah Karcher, Chief Information Officer, looked to Cisco’s Digital Ceiling solution for an innovative use of technology in her schools.

As a result of the solution, which controls lighting, air conditioning, and other building networks in one IP-based infrastructure, M-DCPS is seeing major returns on their investment.

Javier Perez, Executive Director of Infrastructure and System Support said, “One classroom went from using 750 watts to 350 watts for a 50 percent saving in energy.”

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To read more about the Digital Ceiling and Miami-Dade County Public Schools’ implementation of the solution, read the full case study or visit cisco.com/go/digitalceiling.


Alexia Crossman

Global Healthcare Leader

Cisco Industries Marketing