Where you attended school in Romania used to make a world of difference. Students in the city schools had access to updated facilities, digital content and opportunities to engage with thought leaders, while students in rural schools had limited resources.

In 2013, the European Commission identified Romanian education as a possible barrier to economic growth. Its report cited quality and access shortcomings in secondary and tertiary education. On basic skills, it ranked Romania among the worst European Union (EU) performers.


In response to this report, the Romanian Ministry of Education embarked on a digital transformation that would provide equal learning opportunities for all. The goal was to establish connected classrooms where learning is possible anywhere, anytime, with any device – and they did.

Read the full case study to learn how the Romanian Ministry of Education used Cisco technology to improve student motivation by 90% and exam scores by 10%.


Sangita Patel

Cisco SD-WAN, Routing, Cloud Networking Marketing Lead