Camberwell Girls Grammar School is a showcase for what’s possible when students meet the best teachers and exceptional technologies.

Recently, BBC Future ran a feature on Camberwell Girls Grammar School and their digital approach to learning by creating global citizens equipped with the skills for a 21st-century future.

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Camberwell implemented Cisco networking, Wi-Fi, switching and routing on their campus to support tools for teaching and learning, for communication and collaboration. By using Cisco WebEx, administration can more efficiently manage their communications, interviewing potential candidates online, saving time and money.

For students, global video conferencing brings the whole world to the campus. Using Cisco TelePresence, students are able to connect with lecturers and experts virtually. These virtual lecturers have included scientists based at Antarctic research stations, archaeologists on a dig in Turkey, and chemists who can conduct experiments virtually that were too dangerous to conduct on campus.

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According to Camberwell Girls’ Head of Digital Learning, Kim Perkins, “The possibilities that this collaboration and communication technology have opened up, the excitement that it generates amongst the students, and the uptake by the staff have been the most impressive changes.”

Watch this video to learn more about Camberwell’s use of Cisco technology, and read the full case study here.


Reg Johnson

General Manager, Education

Cisco Australia and New Zealand