It goes without saying that education today is changing.  

With students logging in to new ways of learning, and teachers, educators, and administrators transitioning from traditional education methods to virtual platforms, schools and universities are facing unprecedented challenges, opportunities, and questions.  

In an uncertain world, there are some things that are certain. Among them? The desire to learn. The passion for education. The need to shape and build the next generation – no matter where their classroom may be. Now, we have the opportunity to respond positively to change, build the foundation for new methods of education, and expand access – both inside and outside the classroom.  

In this constantly evolving landscape, Cisco is here to address change, solve problems, seize opportunities, and overcome challenges.  

We are an education company: we have been since Day One. We have the infrastructure, the quality, and the reliability to make distance learning a reality today. Whether it’s providing the network infrastructure to support millions of students or building security into our every product and solution or designing the technologies to connect, communicate, and engage your students, we are Cisco and we are uniquely poised to help you make distance learning a reality today. 

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Meet #EducationNow

That’s why we’re running a series on what education looks like around the world. Now. Because today is a time of constant change, a time when all our previous ways of learning, teaching, collaborating, interacting, playing, and communicating are facing revolutionary transformation.  

Stay tuned for the #EducationNow blog series on ways that different regions are addressing the transition to distance learning, discussions on the evolution of how we learn and teach, information on how Cisco is here to support your initiatives, and handy tips and resources to smooth your adoption of distance learning and imagine an even brighter future of education

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How are you approaching distance learning? Join the conversation and keep an eye out for our next #EducationNow blog!

Education Now: next stop forming the educational landscape with the education connector


Renee Patton

Former Global Director of Education and Healthcare

Global Industry Solutions Group