Digital learning solutions have the power to transform the K-12 classroom, especially for schools that have lofty education technology goals. A great example of this is Wayne Highlands School District. Like many schools in Northeastern Pennsylvania, Wayne Highlands requires high-performing technology that students may not be able to access at home; however, getting fiber optics to rural areas has historically been a challenge for the school district. It quickly became Wayne Highlands’ mission to redesign its technical infrastructure and bring more technology into the classroom.

By leveraging Category Two E-rate funding for a new, comprehensive wireless environment, the district deployed 320 access points—one in every classroom—to achieve high-density bandwidth wherever learning was taking place. With this strong wireless network, K–12 lessons now include online videos, digital worksheets, and remote access to instructional content.

Students in Wayne Highlands School District now enjoy access to instruction content online.

The Half Hollow Hills Central School District in Long Island, New York, has also begun to partake in the digital transformation of the classroom. The district implemented a new network infrastructure that offers support for the district’s short and long-term technology goals by improving the strength, reliability, and accessibility of the network. Having a suitable network was paramount to Half Hollow Hills’ mission to be a more progressive and innovative school district. The new environment and enhancement of the network has enabled teachers to manage online testing and allowed students to access video and other media-intensive content.

Half Hollow Hills School District can now easily participate in online testing.

Employing digital capabilities in the classroom has the ability to transform the way students receive and retain information. These solutions empower teachers to be increasingly innovative in their teaching methods to improve student success and engage them like never before. As more and more school districts begin the move to digital, we will see the true power technology has in the classroom.


Mary Schlegelmilch

Business Development Manager