Education is changing. All around the world schools, colleges and universities are seeking new approaches to teaching that overcome longstanding barriers to learning. Innovative education leaders are using new technologies to expand access to education, increase student engagement and improve student outcomes.

The Mooresville Graded School District, one of the lowest funded districts in North Carolina, implemented a district-wide digital conversion and now ranks 2nd in the state in overall student achievement. Similar results are being realized across the public sector as government and healthcare leaders also seek new approaches to citizen services and healthcare delivery.

At Cisco, we are working to make it easier for educators, government officials and health care professionals to “be there” – to teach, to serve, to heal.


Advances in mobility, cloud and collaboration solutions now make it possible for on-the-go students, faculty and staff to have access to tools and resources so they can interact in real-time beyond the boundaries of the traditional classroom or school day.

Video has become an essential element of these new models of education delivery, making it possible for educators and students to meet face-to-face even when they are in different locations.  A Cisco commissioned report by Wainhouse Research, The Impact of Broadcast and Stream Video in Education, draws on multiple studies conducted in recent years and describes in detail the impact of video technologies in improving high-quality education, learning outcomes, and the development of 21st century skills. Click here to download your complimentary copy of the Wainhouse Research report.


Gary Serda

Senior Strategic Partner Marketing Manager

Global Partner Marketing