At Cisco, we’re committed to powering an inclusive future of learning for all. One of the best ways Cisco can impact students and teachers in K-12 and beyond is by partnering for innovation with school districts who see the value in providing flexible teaching and learning experiences. That’s why we’re hosting a special podcast to learn how Cisco is working with Colorado Springs District 11 to bring teaching and learning into the future.


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Ready to bring your school district into the future of teaching and learning? Then take a break and listen in on our latest “Coffee and Conversations” podcast as host Danny Vicente welcomes Kathy New, Network Communications Administrator for the Colorado Springs District 11 (CO D11). Together, we’ll discuss how their district is leading the way in providing flexible teaching and learning experiences for students and teachers through Cisco’s Webex for Education collaboration suite.


How Colorado Springs District 11 is leading

This cutting edge podcast will get you up to speed on:

  • What powering an inclusive future for all means for Cisco in K-12 education
  • What CO D11 is doing to be a leader in creating experiences that will prepare students and teachers for the future
  • How Cisco and CO D11 partnered together to ensure the CO D11 staff had the skillset needed to confidently teach in a hybrid environment
  • Solutions from the Cisco and Webex suite that CO D11 has implemented to enable their new normal as a district
  • A look back on the district’s participation, via The Jack Swigert Aerospace Academy, in the Callisto Technology Demonstration and Artemis 1 mission (featuring Webex communications with astronauts and in space).

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How Colorado Springs District 11 is leading the way in flexible teaching and learning experiences

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