The Pacific Islands (Micronesia, Melanesia, and Polynesia) represent some of the most remote and isolated communities in the world. Comprising approximately 30,000 islands, the region is also one of the most exposed to the impacts of climate change and the digital divide.

Cisco is determined to play a small part in helping the Pacific Islands combat challenges related to digital skills development and sustainability through the Country Digital Acceleration (CDA) program. The program, which now operates in 48 countries, leverages co-investment and co-innovation with government, academic and industry leaders to tackle unique economic and societal challenges.

Cisco’s CDA support in the Pacific Islands will target two initiatives:

  1. Establishment of several digital skills hubs across the region. These hubs will utilise leading-edge Cisco technology including immersive video, networking, and security The primary purpose of the hubs is to help address the digital divide by upskilling workers in the Pacific Islands in cyber security, IoT and networking, but they will also host local companies and entrepreneurs wanting to test and pilot new technologies. The hubs will deliver curriculum and course offerings developed by the Cisco’s flagship Networking Academy program and will ensure people in the Pacific Islands develop the skills that will help grow their careers while also stimulating the regional economy more broadly.
  2. An applied research project focused on sustainability and the impact of climate change. The project will augment work already being done by Cisco in relation to sustainability efforts and will focus on the critical role that technology plays in helping to enable research collaboration and to accelerate progress towards Net Zero and decarbonisation. Cisco’s Smart Zero report provides a window into the ways technology will help measure and monitor emissions and help organisations to reduce their environmental footprint.

The partnership with the University of the South Pacific captured in this compelling video case study, highlights the transformative power of networking technology in the daily lives of people while also illuminating the opportunity of a more inclusive future for Pacific Islanders.


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Guy Diedrich, Ph.D

Senior Vice President

Global Innovation Officer