The breadth and depth of Cisco’s strategic relationship with Victoria University has been described as allowing the university to do things they couldn’t otherwise touch in a new video profiling the University’s partnership with Cisco.

Cisco’s partnership extends well beyond the supply of technology enabling administration, teaching and learning and research. One element of the partnership which receives particular attention in the video is Cisco’s pivotal role in the 26-storey vertical campus in Melbourne’s CBD – the largest in Australia. A separate case study detailing deployment of the campus software-defined network and other technologies highlights how the vertical campus has been future-proofed so that it can deliver operational efficiencies, continuous innovation, improved sustainability and student experience.

Vice Chancellor Professor Adam Shoemaker described the Cisco partnership as touching every idea, every student, every research connection and every learning plan at the University. DVC Vocational Education Dianne Semmens also highlighted the role that Cisco had played at another campus – St Albans – which is the focal point for a new state-of-the-art cyber security training facility equipped with Cisco technology. The Cyber Security program at St Albans is focused on training hundreds of students that will be job ready to help fill the growing skills gap in this critical area of our economy.  Cisco’s role extends into staff capability building, co-development of curriculum and providing students with an insight into the contemporary world of work.

As someone who has been personally involved in many of these partnership elements it’s extremely gratifying to see the impact that industry can have on the lives of students. Cisco’s relevance will continue to increase as digital technologies permeate every facet of learning, research, and the broader economy.

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Reg Johnson

General Manager, Education

Cisco Australia and New Zealand