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This week, we are thrilled to preview Webex Classrooms and focus in on the Hybrid Classroom in #EducationNow. Read the preview blog here.

Prepping for the start of the school year always has one exciting task in common: back to school shopping. As summer vacation comes to a close, kids start dreaming, parents start list-making, and educators start prepping to have the tools they need for a great school year.

As students mature, back to school shopping changes:

  • Grade School or Primary School: Markers, crayons, maybe some cool binder stickers? ? ?
  • High School or Secondary School: Flashcards, fresh notebooks, graphing calculators ?
  • University: Travel laptop case, resume paper, padfolio ?

Starting this school year in 2020, we have a new curveball, though, for our back to school shopping lists: Hybrid Learning.

Hybrid Learning with Webex

Hybrid Learning can encompass a handful of different learning styles that education institutions are implementing this year. Some schools remain fully virtual, while some opt for socially distanced classrooms with some technology supplementation. Others opt for a mix of in-person and at-home learning experiences, aided by Cisco Webex.

No matter your Hybrid Learning plan, one tool is for certain: Webex has your back. Educators across the globe are leaning on Webex more than ever before for virtual lessons, broadcasted lectures, and remote team projects. 

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How does hybrid learning change your back to school shopping list?

Getting ready for the school season looks different this year. We are here to support your education institution going back to school in style. As so much of shopping in 2020 has already gone virtual, we are doing the same by providing you your “shopping list” of digital tools created for you, to help you get started with Hybrid Learning.

Educators: Your Back to School List:

Virtual or Hybrid Lesson Plans: We understand that educators have one main priority in hybrid education: keeping students engaged in learning, no matter where you’re located. We’ve pulled out our top hybrid education resources to help school teachers and higher education faculty plan their hybrid Webex courses, in ways that keep students more engaged that ever.

Webex Training: Live or Recorded Classes: You have to learn to walk before you can run – and we’ll hold your hand along the way. Join a Webex Overview online class with live teachers to learn the basic ropes. Take next-level courses where our educators will teach you how to host successful virtual or hybrid classes. Or, tune in to a series of short recorded 5-minute videos with virtual class tips

Guides for your students: Part of your job in a hybrid learning environment is to prepare your students for Webex success too. On our Welcome to Hybrid Learning landing page, you can find guides meant for students to access themselves, to get comfortable with learning over videoconferencing.

Tools to communicate with parents: This one is for your school teachers. There are two crucial audiences with at-home learning for school-aged kids: the students, and their guardians. Download resources like “Top 8 ways to engage parents” and quick start guides they can use to help their students learn Webex.

Webex Education Community: Teachers love to learn from other teachers! Join our Webex Education Community to ask questions and read best practices and ideas from instructors or administrators like you.

An extra shopping list for education IT:

Security best practices: Ensure your Webex Site is set up to give educators the simplest and most secure experience with Webex. See our resources for education site set up here.

LMS Integration: Take Hybrid Learning a step further by integrating Webex into your Learning Management System with Education Connector. Webex works seamlessly with Canvas, Blackboard, Sakai, Moodle, D2L, and Schoology. Check out these resources to help your teachers get started with Webex in your LMS.

Webex Devices: Using a hybrid environment? Enable your classrooms with Webex Room Devices to bring videoconferencing into the classroom. For educators teaching from home, equip them with high quality video from home with a Webex Desk Pro and Webex Headsets for crystal-clear audio.

Discover more hybrid classroom educator resources here:

Start on the right foot

Starting this school year may be a little different, and we know schools are adjusting their hybrid teaching styles quickly based on their institution’s and community’s needs.  Amongst the changes you may be managing, we want to enable you to feel as prepared as ever to use Webex while going back-to-school.

Take our back-to-school list for a spin! We’d love to hear if any resources help you, or however else we can best support you here at Webex. We invite you to leave a comment on this blog, or in our Webex Education Community.

Educators: whether classes are in person, virtual, or hybrid, thank you for all you do to educate the world.

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Check out the Webex Classrooms preview blog and let us know your thoughts in the comments! Stay tuned to #EducationNow throughout September for a month of tips and tricks to address funding and financing in education.

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