One of the greatest challenges our K-12 school systems have faced is the global pandemic, which saw schools across the world responding to unprecedented disruption in delivering face-to-face learning. There were some education systems who had invested early in the necessary critical digital infrastructure, which allowed them to be better prepared with their response efforts.

One of these leaders was the Department of Education and Training in Victoria, Australia. Their connected learners program, enabled by Webex classroom technology was well underway when COVID struck. We’ve captured a fascinating discussion between myself and Elizabeth Wilson the Chief Information Officer of the Department of Education and Training in Victoria about how they managed a high performing K-12 system amidst incredible change.

Some of the fascinating insights Elizabeth provides include:

  • How the early investment in technology has allowed a very large education system to effectively transition to remote learning & working overnight
  • How the pandemic has shone a light on the importance of digital connectivity, the disadvantaged and how it exposed a digital divide
  • The vast security challenges that were faced with the move to a large online teaching and learning environment and hybrid work
  • Examples of how leading schools are using technology in innovative ways to meet the changing demands of teachers, parents, students and administrators
  • Looking forward to new technology projects and platforms that will better future proof the safety and wellbeing of students and further digitally enable school system transformation
  • Outlining the technology strategy and required investments for the next 18-24months

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Reg Johnson

General Manager, Education

Cisco Australia and New Zealand