We are less than a week away from our 3rd Annual Cisco Empowered Women’s Network’s forum at Cisco Live and we have some exciting news to share!

Congratulations to Vidushi Sharma! After careful deliberation of all the entries, Vidushi has been selected as our 2nd runner up for the #reDefineCommunity Contest for the Cisco Empowered Women’s Network!


Vidushi Sharma is a Sophomore at Princeton Universiry and she is the founder theHOBMOB.com. TheHOBMOB.com is an alternative to traditional social media sites that focus on instant gratification and procrastination.  TheHOBMOB.com is a longform interest-based platform where members connect with people who love what they love. It centralizes people’s passions into one location–it has broad interest areas, from Arts to STEM, and user-created subinterests like Painting or Physics. Unlike traditional social media, it encourages members to have sustained, meaningful conversations about their passions. By prompting members of different communities to engage with each other (i.e., having philosophers of mind talk to neuroscientists), theHOBMOB sparks interdisciplinary dialogue that redefines how we use the web.

Want to learn more about theHOBMOB? Read this blog post. Connect with Vidushi on theHOBMOB’s Facebook, Twitter, Google+ and Pinterest channels, join the website and start a discussion at the theHOBMOB.com today!

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Rehana Rehman

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