As SAP says, the trends reshaping your world will ultimately transform the way you do business.  Today, Cisco and SAP join together to deliver their visions for the Internet of Things (IoT) at SAP’s signature conference in New York:  Conversations on the Future of Business.  Bryce Barnes, Solution Leader, Internet of Things, Cisco, and Patrick Maroney, Principle, Industry Solutions Group, SAP, lead a session on How the Internet of Things (IoT) is impacting the Future of Business.

Bryce will explore the significance and impact of how connecting everything from machines in factories, to cars to sensors inside our bodies will change our lives, and drive new and exciting business models.  He will explore the relationship between connectivity, big data, and analytics and highlight IoT examples that point to the future of business from manufacturing to Life Sciences, retail, mining, touching every aspect of how we design, make, and deliver products.

Value at stake: enormous.  A top area of opportunity for manufacturers is to move toward a connected factory—an intelligent, networked plant environment that enables smart manufacturing.

Cisco Consulting Services estimates improvements in plant automation and output alone from the Internet of Things and the Internet of Everything is a $2 Trillion opportunity over the next 10 years.  Here is an example customer with double-digit profit impact potential just from factory optimization.

IoT ROI Example MFG


Earlier in the day, Frank Platt, Senior Director at SAP, cited one customer case example where an IOT type manufacturing transformation drove $200 million in benefits at just one plant.

Key success factor to capturing this value? Align manufacturing operations with IT and the executive suite with a common IOT/IOE strategy and enabling architectural approach. With proper planning from the boardroom to the factory floor, you will reap the business benefits well into the future.  This is why it is exciting that SAP and Cisco are speaking together on the opportunity at Conversations on The Future of Business and How the Internet of Things (IoT) is impacting the Future of Business

Didn’t catch Bryce?  Roy Schuster, Cisco’s Director of Customer Solutions for the Internet of Things will be speaking at SAP’s Manufacturing Forum in Chicago, April 14-15th.


Bryan Tantzen

Senior Director

Manufacturing Solutions