Need to stem the skyrocketing cost of mobility management? Don’t just zero in on your monthly bills. Managing mobility across thousands of employees racks up many expenses far beyond your telecom rates.

That’s why it’s critical to look at your total cost of ownership (TCO) as a key to lowering your mobility spend. Mobility TCO spans all aspects of managing a mobile workforce – which means you can drive cost-saving efficiencies into many of the tasks you do every day.

According to a recent Report by Forrester Consulting commissioned by Cisco, in Sept. 2017

Enterprises with over 5,000 devices often spend over $5M ($1000+ per device) annually in mobility TCO.  

Key challenges increasing your mobility TCO

Your network provider costs are just the beginning. According to the Report by Forrester Consulting, subscriptions make up only one third of the average mobility TCO. So where is the majority of expense coming from?

  • Manual operations – Your teams may spend tons of time manually provisioning, activating and assigning mobile devices to employees, including hours on the phone with your service provider.
  • Support – You likely handle hundreds of services changes every month, manually adjusting one line at a time. To handle the immense workload, you might have help from third-party vendors for Mobility Management Services (MMS) or Telecom Expense Management (TEM), which adds to your overall costs.
  • Overages – You only have insight into service usage when you get the bill. Employees travel into a roaming area without a plan or exceed their data limits, and before you know it, your company incurs thousands of dollars in unexpected charges.
  • Unused devices – Business phones and tablets are a necessary cost, if they’re getting used. How much money are you wasting on unused devices – sitting in desk drawers or inventory shelves? Or taken home with exiting employees?

Source: Forrester Report: Optimize Mobility Management TCO Through Automation

Lowering TCO with automation

Although managing mobile devices and services may be driving up your costs, the good news is that you can drive them back down. By transforming your mobility management with real-time visibility and automated agility, you can lower your overall mobility spend.

Automated Mobility Management (AMM) gives you the power to simplify and accelerate processes. And with 24/7 monitoring of all your devices and data usage, you can stay informed and take immediate action to optimize rate plans and ensure predictable billing.



Learn how you can transform your mobility management with automated efficiency and self-serve control. Download the white paper: Optimize Mobility Management TCO Through Automation.


Pallavi Vanacharla

Global Head of Product Marketing

Enterprise Mobility, Cisco IoT