This week I’m at the inaugural Internet of Things World Forum, hosted by Cisco.  To give you a sense of what was discussed in just one day, I thought I’d capture some of the more interesting tweets and stats.  Below the tweets is a fun short video where I interviewed SAP’s Benjamin Wesson and with Cisco’s Monique Morrow!

One – New IoT Division at Cisco!

Two – Billions of people yet to be connected


Three – Years until wearables worth $10B


Four – Years in your life spent looking for parking – in Paris!


Five – How many millions of apps we’ll need for 50B connected things?


 Six – Key IoT verticals to know & grow


Seven – A fun quote!


Eight – How many hundreds of people attended #IoTWF?


Nine? – No one tweeted nine anything! Ten – How many dollars you’d need to pay for the services of a smart toilet (yuck!)


Fifty – Billion devices expected by 2020!


One Hundred to Fifteen Thousand – Comparing the numbers of movies to apps released each week!


And now… two interviews I found fascinating. You’ll see water pumps in a new light and hear the pearls of wisdom from Monique! I hope you enjoy:

Were you following or at the IoT World Forum?  What have you learned so far?  What did you find interesting or amazing?


Lauren Friedman

Marketing Manager

Enterprise Networks