The Internet of Things (IoT) is accelerating digital transformation by enabling industries to evolve in the digital age. That’s why Cisco’s IoT team, along with the Digital Manufacturing, Utilities, and Transportation groups, took to the Cisco Live Berlin show floor to exhibit our latest industrial products and solutions.

To articulate what IoT means in the context of industries, we featured a Virtual Reality video demonstration that enabled customers to visualize how the Cisco IoT portfolio creates optimal business outcomes in the manufacturing, utilities, and transportation industries.

“The reality is that IoT is about the people using it – the people on the plant floor that are using IoT to make business outcomes happen,” said Maciej Kranz, Cisco’s Vice President of the Strategic Innovation Group, during his speaking session. Maciej spoke to the key benefits of deploying IoT infrastructure in industrial settings, including connected and remote operations, preventative maintenance, and predictive analytics. “Focus on the problem and try to solve it using IoT,” he said, reminding users to stay away from using a pre-built solution and applying it anywhere.

Our Digital Manufacturing demonstrations helped customers visualize plant floor insights and operational efficiencies. These demonstrations included Industrial Network Director, IOx and Fog Applications, Location Based Services, and the Asset Management Suite. Additionally, Cisco’s leadership in developing industry standards for time critical applications was on display with Time Sensitive Networking.

A Utilities demonstration showcased how an electrical utility can protect critical infrastructure in a power generation plant or substation by leveraging Cisco’s industrial security appliances, specifically the ISA3000 firewall. Another demonstration was Field Network Director, which manages and provides visibility into field area networks.

Digital Transportation demonstrations presented insights for connected mass transit for both operational and onboard solutions, featuring an array of connected devices such as the IR829, IE 2000, IW 3702 Access Point, and IP 67 cameras.

Cisco’s IoT portfolio is a comprehensive suite of products, solutions and services providing connectivity, security, automation, and insights from the fog to the cloud that organizations can deploy today. Be sure to check out digital solutions demonstrations on June 25th at Cisco Live Las Vegas.


Srinivas Hanabe

Director, Enterprise PSM

Enterprise Networking and Mobility