Shopping centres have been around for thousands of years, supposedly starting in Ancient Rome. The basic concept of a shopping centre has not changed much since then; a large building, or multiple buildings connected, which contain a variety of retail stores, services and restaurants. However, we at Land Securities, a commercial property group based in the UK, are changing the way customers experience shopping with our newest shopping centre, Trinity Leeds, “the mall of the future.”

Explore the Internet of Everything
Explore the Internet of Everything

Our brand proposition is everyday wonder. We like to reward curiosity. Every time you come to the Trinity Leeds mall, there will be something different for you to see. We are here as curators of fantastic space, to help the retailers that trade within our malls succeed.

We reached out to Cisco, and their partner Dimension Data, to use the Internet of Everything (IoE) to create one single network that would connect everything at Trinity Leeds. The network would not only have to be strong enough to support 80 shops, a cinema complex, 30 cafes and restaurants, several hundred video surveillance cameras, several dozen doors, 250 energy meters, digital signs and 1000 programmable LED bulbs, but it would also have to handle thousands of free Wi-Fi users and systems that will be added in the future.

When Land Securities make investments, we make sure the investments can stand the test of time. Obviously the technology that we have today will not be the technology of the future. The key for that is to have a platform that you can build upon. That was one of the reasons we chose Cisco. I think that Cisco platforms are robust and do stand the test of time.

In March 2013, during our grand opening, over 135,000 visitors were looking at the day’s retail offers on the Trinity Leeds app, sharing their experience via social on the free Wi-Fi exploring retailer offers displayed on-screen and all on one network. That opening day, and everyday since, has been a success because of Cisco and their IoE technology. We are providing an experience that is one-of-kind and constantly evolving. Read case study.

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Explore the Internet of Everything

We aren’t the only company using IoE to transform an industry. Companies of all shapes, sizes and interest are changing the way we experience many things from movie theaters to parking spots. Education in the classroom, for example now has the capability to communicate via video chat with other classrooms and students from around the world, allowing them to learn from each other. Across the spectrum, grocery stores are increasing their efficacy and creating a better environment for their customers through connected sensors. These sensors can alert suppliers about restocking inventory or even update a consumer’s shopping list without going home to check the refrigerator. Improved convenience, quality and efficiency are driving innovation with IoE across all industries.

How is The Internet of Everything improving your industry? Join the conversation, #InternetOfEverything

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Craig O'Donnell

Head of Information Systems

Land Securities