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Cisco and Jasper – Accelerating Enterprise IoT Success Worldwide

March 22, 2016 - 8 Comments

Today, Cisco announced the close of our acquisition of Jasper, a leading IoT service platform provider that powers the IoT initiatives of more than 3,500 enterprises worldwide. With Jasper’s cloud-based platform, companies of all sizes – and in any industry – can rapidly and cost-effectively launch, manage and monetize IoT services on a global scale.

I sat down with Jahangir Mohammed, Founder and CEO of Jasper – and now GM of the newly-formed IoT Cloud Business Unit at Cisco – to discuss what this means for Cisco, our customers, our service provider partners, and IoT adoption as a whole.

RT: The response Jahangir and I have received since February’s announcement about the Jasper acquisition has been remarkable.  We’ve seen excitement across the board – from our enterprise customers, the service provider community and our ecosystem partners. Industry analysts, like the one below highlight broader industry recognition of the benefits of this partnership.

“IoT is a key piece of enabling Digital Transformation for today’s enterprises. Cisco already has the network equipment, cloud, analytics and security layers, and the addition of Jasper brings the critical IoT service platform layer needed to provide enterprises with a complete digitization strategy,” said Carrie MacGillivray, Vice President, Mobile & Internet of Things at IDC. “This acquisition provides value for both Cisco and Jasper’s enterprise customers, their service provider partners, and broader IoT ecosystem partners.”

JM: Our customers are enthusiastic about the combined value that Cisco and Jasper will bring to their businesses. These are industry leaders who are using IoT to drive business transformation and thrive on continuous innovation. They are always looking for ways to create new experiences for their customers and unlock new sources of revenue. A great example is Telular, a leading provider of solutions for commercial telematics, security, and bulk storage management. Telular’s TankLink business delivers information on temperature, liquid levels and geolocation for the oil and gas industry. Using the Jasper IoT service platform, TankLink remote inventory management solutions deliver the highly-accurate, 24/7 tank level information that is necessary for efficient and cost-saving replenishment decisions.

“As a Jasper customer for the past seven years, I am excited about the combined vision of Cisco and Jasper,” said Shawn Welsh, Senior Vice President of Product Line Management and Marketing at Telular. “This acquisition will help accelerate innovation in the IoT market, providing our business with new ways to grow by offering more differentiated services to our customers.”

RT: We brought Jasper into Cisco because the opportunities to build on Control Center and add value were obvious. In industries such as oil and gas, like the TankLink example, a major concern for customers lies in ensuring that IT solutions are validated according to stringent industry safety guidelines. On one side customers are looking to harvest benefits of IoT, but on the other they have to deal with the high risk on health, safety, and environment, if things go wrong. Cisco is removing roadblocks for IoT to be deployed in these industries by working on validated IoT designs that meet these safety requirements in collaboration with industry leaders such as Schneider Electric, Honeywell, Emerson, Rockwell, and others.  These relationships and validated designs will help Cisco will help extend the value of Jasper into wider areas of the oil & gas industry.

And this is just one industry example of the value Cisco and Jasper bring. We are thrilled to welcome Jasper to Cisco – and we’re even more excited to show you how we will transform IoT in the years to come.

Now that acquisition is complete, Jahangir and I are focused on executing against our shared vision, to accelerate IoT adoption and our customers’ IoT success, on a global scale. Digitization is creating a world where everything intelligent will be connected, and shaping a new, service-driven economy. Jasper’s IoT platform is just the beginning. Cisco’s IoT Cloud Business Unit will deliver comprehensive IoT solutions that make it easy for enterprise customers, service providers and ecosystem partners to capitalize on this business transformation.

JM: The IoT opportunity in front of us right now is enormous and immediate. Jasper and Cisco have the combined talent, technology, expertise and scale to help service providers, enterprise customers and ecosystem partners worldwide capture their share of the market today and innovate over time. With the IoT Cloud Business Unit, Cisco is moving up the stack to deliver a complete portfolio that simplifies the launch, management and monetization of IoT service for everyone.

RT: The growth we’ve seen in the sector over the past few years is just mind blowing – and it’s only going to accelerate. I’m super confident that no other company is better positioned to capitalize on this huge opportunity. I truly believe we are better together – Cisco and Jasper will transform the IoT market.

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  1. we have to keep the hopeless in the good people and the good ideas, not destruction, but creativity

  2. I would love to hear more about the 'ecosystem partners' referenced by RT. Who is a potential partner other than service providers? What will future partnerships look like and what role will Cisco VARs have if any.

  3. The Iot collaboration between Cisco and Jasper can only be beneficial with contributions from other participants' engaged in this macro-economic segment.

  4. I think many business managers are unaware of the advantages of connecting the factory to the business network. The plant floor machinery is not just controlling a process, but already has so much great data available such as production run data, runtime, downtime, waste/rejects, energy use, as performance indicators available for management to improve plant performance. Couple the ability to link the MES/MRP to understand the time to run and schedules, to configure machines for the next product, gain advice on machine availability, it just makes sense to connect the plant floor to the business system. I think real life examples of finding un-managed, non secure, badly configured poses the greatest risk to managers trying to integrate the two worlds of plant floor and business network and creating more issues for their already busy day and potential risk. It is great to see Cisco embracing the issues and packaging "Accelerator bundles"and "Jasper tool"and engaging factory floor experienced integration partners that understand the issues to truly implement the Connected Factory, information enabled, intelligent machines and make it easier for tomorrows business manager.

  5. Psyched up and delighted to be a part of Cisco!

  6. We are excited to note the immense potential the CJ relationship brings to expedite monetization of a connected IOT infrastructure. The lack of same has delayed efficient adoption of IOT services by several years since conception. Congratulations!

  7. Great to have Jasper as part of Cisco. Fulfills a part of an offer we simply didn't have in an easy to consume model. Looking forward to the engagements and accelerated wins together.

  8. Jasper is a good value add in our IoT Architecture. Completion of Jasper acquisition comes at the right time when whole Cisco is aligning organization wise beyond IoT. This shows Cisco's full commitment to IoT, and now we are fully excited to execute towards it. Thanks