Cisco has recently announced the End of Sales of Cisco Remote Expert Manager/Remote Expert Cobrowse. In this blog, we’ll take a look at Video Advisor from Eudata® — a third party solution which is a valid alternative to a typical Remote Expert Mobile on-premise case.

Business overview

The increased relevance of web sites, chat, and mobile applications on smartphones is supporting a big rush to evolve customer care into a digital omnichannel architecture. Enterprises recognize how these new ways of communicating are becoming increasingly important for reaching their business objectives. The true omnichannel experience that companies are aiming to achieve is the ability to carry the context along different channels to maximize the customer experience and to deliver high quality services along the entire customer journey.

Video Advisor enables a compelling digital journey by seamlessly integrating with Cisco Customer Journey Solutions such as CCX, CCE, PCCE, HCS and empowers companies to enable real-time video agent engagement and escalation directly in their applications and website channels, making it easy for customers to interact with experts when, how and where they choose. The resulting customer experience of moving seamlessly from one channel to the other results in an improved business outcomes and customer loyalty.

Product overview

Video Advisor features at a glance:

  • Web and iOS/Android smartphone SDK’s
  • Audio/Video WebRTC to SIP on premise signaling server
  • Media transcoding/ pass-through and firewall traversal
  • WebRTC Cisco Finesse gadget
  • Co-browsing, Link and Document Asynchronous Sharing, or double sidereal time Desktop Sharing

Integrates with Cisco’s Customer Care Architecture Portfolio:

  • CCX
  • CCE
  • PCCE
  • HCS-CC

Multiple Audio/Video options for the customer

Video Advisor is the Eudata® solution to set up Video Sessions between customers and Agents: it allows the customer to contact an expert in the Cisco Contact Center through Audio and Video calls directly from the company web site or iOS/Android smartphone applications:

  • WEB: Add a simple “Click To Call” button on your web site to provide real-time support to customers and users
  • SMARTPHONE: Add Video Capabilities to your mobile APPs using native SDKs to enrich your customer experience
  • KIOSK: Create Video services available from a public Kiosk (based on PCs or on mobile devices)

Through a simple script it is possible to add audio/video support to the company web site:

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Eudata® supplies native mobile SDKs, available for both Android and iOS devices, which can be easily integrated into a customer’s existing mobile applications for adding WebRTC audio/video capabilities.

REM alternative solution

Browser/device compatibility matrix:

Video Advisor takes advantage of modern browser APIs to enable application/desktop sharing and WebRTC capability. For older browsers, like Internet Explorer, a plug-in is needed for access those functionalities.

WebRTC to SIP architecture and call flow

Video Advisor is based on WebRTC technology to offer an Internet video phone to customers using web sites, mobile applications, or kiosks.

Through the Eudata® WCS on-premise WebRTC2SIP component – that acts as a middleware between digital customer touch points and the Cisco Customer Journey Solution through the Universal Queueing API (CCX, CCE, PCCE and HCS) – the incoming WebRTC session is turned into a SIP call sent to the customer care solution for treatment. Video Advisor is therefore fully integrated with Cisco CVP and Cisco CUCM for routing calls to the desired expert.

  • An Audio/Video Web RTC call is initiated either by a web widget, a smartphone application, or a kiosk.
  • The audio video Web RTC call originated by the customer is translated into a SIP call by the WCS WebRTC2SIP server and sent to Cisco Customer Care where it is handled as a regular incoming SIP call and so finally routed to the agent. Customer details can be sent as SIP headers in order to display on agent desktop.
  • The call is terminated on a customer care agent SIP endpoint.

REM alternative solution

WebRTC to Web RTC

In case the Customer Care solution is not video enabled, Video Advisor supports also an end to end customer to agent Web RTC audio/video/screen sharing solution through a Cisco Finesse fully integrated gadget:

REM alternative solution

Rich interactive expert features

Video Advisor solution enriches real-time voice and video communications with interactive collaboration experiences such as Co-browsing, Link and Document Asynchronous Sharing, or double sidereal time Desktop Sharing:

  • 2-way voice, 1- or 2-way video selectable by customer
  • Co-browsing of customer application or web screen visible to Video Advisor
  • Application or web control by Video Advisor
  • Video Advisor annotation and cursor spotlight
  • Joint form fill (sensitive data cells can be masked on the expert screen)
  • Ability to push files and URLs to customer


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Massimiliano Caranzano

Technology Solution Architect

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