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Contributing to Open Source projects like Ansible can be a daunting endeavor. Even though most Open Source projects have guides and tutorials, there are always those little bits missing that may be the crucial element that decides whether you contribute or not. Books, podcasts and videos are good, but nothing is better than a developer’s step-by-step walk-through of their own personal Ansible contribution experience.

Learn how and why John McDonough contributes to Ansible and how you can too. We’ll arm you with what you need to know, things like Python, Git, and YAML. We’ll go over how to set up your development environment and contribute your code. We’ll also cover what happens when you submit your contribution, how to avoid common mistakes, and your contribution becoming part of an Ansible release.

Once you become a DevNet member, visit the Introduction to Ansible Learning Lab. This lab introduces configuration management and orchestration concepts. You will learn how to leverage Ansible to start automating tasks for managing infrastructure.

Tuesday, March 12, 2019. 3:30 PM – 5:30 PM
310 E 5th ST. Austin Texas

John McDonough has been programming since he was in 6th grade. Now several decades out of college, he’s been around awhile. John specializes in infrastructure automation. Whatever OS you want to run, whatever App you want, any Service you want. John can show you how to automate the infrastructure to support whatever you want. As a DevNet Developer Evangelist, John supports the Data Center and Cloud APIs offered by Cisco. John is your coding teacher, coach and advocate.

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Slides from John’s SXSW presentation:

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