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There have been many times in my career I have had to look at the documentation to help me build, fix, or troubleshoot issues. As I moved from the traditional network engineer into a more NetDevOps role, I found myself using documentation even more. This was for Python library’s, tools, and methodologies to help me on my journey and learning. So, call me crazy, but I enjoy writing documentation and always have. I know how much good documentation can mean to someone, or to a team as a point of reference, starting guide, etc. Plus, writing something down always helps me understand the technology and process even more. Contributing and building the Cisco developer documentation really helps our community.


Typically, you access the REST API through the vManage web server. The vManage REST API library and documentation are bundled with it and installed on the vManage web application software. To access the API documentation from a web browser, for example:


Let’s see this in the new DevNet Always on SD-WAN Sandbox

The new Cisco SD-WAN API Documentation

Now you can access the Cisco SD-WAN API documentation on Cisco DevNet. The Cisco developer documentation provides in-depth reference information for Cisco product APIs. Here you can browse the developer documentation for API reference, how-to information such as getting started and use cases. There are even shortcuts to all the Cisco SD-WAN Learning Labs, Sandboxes and Code Exchange repos. If you wish, you can download the entire SD-WAN API collection as a JSON file too!

Cisco SD-WAN vManage API

Cisco SD-WAN vManage API is a REST API interface for controlling, configuring, and monitoring the Cisco devices in an overlay network. The API plays a pivotal role for clients to consume the features provided by vManage.

Some of the use cases for vManage API are:

  • Monitoring device status
  • Configuring a device, such as attaching a template to a device
  • Querying and aggregating device statistics



Learn more now, your turn!

Test drive and see the documentation here 

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