The times they are a-changin’!

They are indeed, with all the updates Cisco Security has made to their APIs. And DevNet is making it easy for you to explore the fresh, new content. The “Security Automation and Orchestration Webinar Series” will walk you through all the various technologies available to you in the Cisco Security portfolio. In the webinars, you’ll be introduced to all the resources you now have at your fingertips.

Prepare to get certified

There’s an added bonus to attending these webinars. They are a great way to prepare to become a Cisco Certified DevNet Security Specialist. Joining these webinars can help you build a perfect foundation for your studying efforts as you prepare to take the certification exam. In just a few months, we will walk you through all the Security API’s that Cisco has to offer!

Mark your calendars

Here’s the schedule for the first 4 webinars in the series, with registration links for the first two. And this is just the beginning. More will follow, and we’ll keep you informed as dates and registration links are available.

Security Automation and Orchestration Webinar Series

  1.  Overview of the Security API’s — Sept 1, 8AM PDT
  2.  Firepower Threat Defense API’s — Sept 22 8AM PDT
  3.  Cisco Network and Cloud Analytics API’s — October 6, 8AM PDT
  4.  Application First Security — October 27 8AM PDT

Webinar 1 overview: “Overview of Security API’s”

This first webinar in the series will address the challenges that defenders are facing in the Cybersecurity world, and show you how these challenges can be overcome through integration and automation. In this webinar we will:

  • introduce you to REST APIs
  • discuss why REST APIs became the de-facto standard in the industry
  • go through the API classification for Cybersecurity
  • overview SecureX threat response API capabilities
  • share code examples for real world use cases

Register now to join us for the first webinar in the Security Automation and Orchestration Webinar Series:

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