You have probably noticed the new DNA Center sandbox that we have been updating over the past few months.  If so, your next question is probably, “how can I take advantage of the APIs exposed?” Well, we have an answer for that.

We have released a couple of new REST API labs for DNA Center focusing on three capabilities:

  • PathTrace
  • Command Runner
  • Template Programmer



A part of the assurance capability.  The PathTrace API allows you to trace connectivity through the network between two hosts.

Command Runner

Command Runner allows exec commands to be run on devices across the network.  This API is commonly used in the “Run IT” feature of assurance.

Template Programmer

Template programmer API lets you define and apply velocity templates to change the configuration of network devices.  Templates support variables, versioning, validation and testing sets.


By taking advantage of these API you can integrate these DNA center capabilities into your own workflows.

Enjoy the new REST API labs for DNA Center (there are more to come!) and we welcome your feedback.  And if you’re going to Cisco GSX, you can try the learning labs right there in the DevNet Zone.


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Adam Radford

Distinguished System Engineer