One of the things I love about DevNet is our commitment and passion in helping our community of customers, partners, and Cisco employees rapidly learn and adopt the new skills and technologies that are fundamental in this new age of programmability and API driven everything.  We’ve long had Learning Labs, DevNet Sandboxes, code samples, and portal pages providing documentation on our APIs.  Well, I had the pleasure of bringing something new to life at DevNet – video based training, and the inaugural course on Network Programmability Basics is LIVE NOW!

Explore the Modules available today!

The Network Programmability Basics Video Course is a collection of 28 videos organized into 6 modules, and we created it to help jumpstart your journey into network programmability.

The modules are:

  • Introduction
  • Programming Fundamentals
  • Network Device APIs
  • Network Controllers
  • Application Hosting and the Network
  • NetDevOps

Each lesson in the course introduces the key topics and concepts that are relevant, and then demonstrates them with live code examples.  Some of the topics that are covered include:

  • Handy Python modules for network engineers
  • What exactly is an API, and why should I care
  • How to work with JSON, XML and YAML data
  • Understanding NETCONF/RESTCONF and YANG interfaces
  • How to use NX-API for programming Open NX-OS devices
  • Using the APIs for both APIC and APIC-EM controllers
  • How you can run Python applications and code on routers and switches
  • Managing the “Network as Code” with Ansible
See what configuration management and NetDevOps offers!

And these lessons aren’t just to be watched and consumed.  Nope… each lesson was designed for you to follow along and run the code and exercises yourself.  You can leverage the same DevNet Sandboxes I do in the videos, and all the code examples, API calls, and snippets are available up on GitHub!


Follow along in Sandboxes with each lesson.

I know what you are thinking… that sounds great Hank, but what if I get stuck during a lesson.  Have no fear, we’re here to help.  We have integrated a Spark chat room directly into the course where DevNet programmability experts are available to answer questions and provide suggestions.

Well, what are you waiting for.  Head on over to the Network Programmability Video Course on DevNet and get started today.  As always I can’t wait to hear feedback from everyone on what you think of the course.  And definitely keep your ears open for future video courses on other important programmability topics.


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