The DevNet Zone at Cisco Live! Barcelona is going to be bursting with a whole lot of new stuff (see my previous entry on the Start Now area).  I’m particularly excited about are our new Meraki focused sessions.  This year in the DevNet Zone we have a host of new content covering all of the interesting developer-focused stuff Meraki has been working on in the last year!

First off, on Monday January 28th at 4PM (16:00), I’ll kick things off with a hands-on workshop called Lock It Down! – Dynamically Managing the Meraki Security Footprint.  Here we will introduce features like Meraki’s SM APIs which allow for policy automation for managed devices.  We will also get hands-on with MX and MR firewall APIs, providing the opportunity to automate the changes in firewall policies as network circumstances change.  In addition, we’ll touch on monitoring APIs that allow us visibility into the security of our Meraki networks.

Then, on Tuesday, January 29th at 3PM (15:00), in “Get the Data and Go! – Leveraging Containers and Machine Learning to Gather and Analyze Indoor Location Data,” I’ll provide a new take on our Location Services talk.  Instead of focusing on just how to integrate with the Meraki Location Scanning API and it’s large dataset, I’ll walk through how to scale that service using Kubernetes so that data can be successfully collected from an organization running 4 APs to one running 4000 APs.  If that weren’t enough, I’ll take that dataset and dip your toes into the machine learning waters so that you can walk away with a good idea on where to start your ML journey.

Fresh off that Location session, at 4PM (16:00), we’ll jump right in our second new session offering called “Meraki Beats – Develop and Deploy a Meraki Wireless Health Monitor.”  In this session we will look at Meraki’s new wireless health monitoring APIs, how to use them, and then walk through a real-world implementation of these APIs.  The best part?… all the code is open-source and, if you’re so inspired, you could get that monitor running immediately after the session (or during for that matter).

The fun continues on Wednesday, January 30th at 2pm (14:00) with “Leveraging Webhooks in Meraki.”  Cory Guynn will walk you through a variety of implementations that allow you to take advantage of Meraki’s new alert webhook offering.  This will show you how to create applications that instantly respond to changing parameters allowing us to adjust and optimize the network and it’s underlying infrastructure.

To round out the week, I’ll do a repeat of “Lock It Down! – Dynamically Managing the Meraki Security Footprint” on Thursday, January 31 at 11AM (11:00) so that those who missed it on Monday can try their hand!  All in all, it’s shaping up to be an interesting week fueled with new sessions, information, and with your help, a bit of fun! I hope to see you there!

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