This is the time of year for fresh starts – and what better way to kick it off than by setting some time aside for learning, brushing up on, or diving in to APIs? This could be the year you finally leverage the programmability of Cisco Meraki networks to better automate, configure at scale, and report on your network infrastructure.

Get the new year started with this Python webinar on Jan 8th, registration is now open!

APIs make programming with Meraki easier

Last year we saw an exponential increase in the number of active API users on the Meraki cloud platform, a thriving discussion in our Meraki Community around API topics, enormous popularity of our API-focused podcasts, and a rush of interest in APIs at Cisco and Meraki events. APIs are becoming the hot-topic for our customers and partners, and we’re focused on creating more and more resources to make programming with Meraki technologies even easier.

To get started on the right foot, we recently refreshed our Python SDK (Software Development Kit) for the Meraki Dashboard API, our most popular API service in the most popular programming language! Take advantage of a new webinar focused on unpacking the latest Python SDK for the Meraki Dashboard API, including:

  • support for all Dashboard API endpoints
  • automatic logging
  • automatic retries on rate limit errors
  • automatic pagination
  • custom settings
  • simulation mode.

Whether you’ve been programming with Meraki APIs for awhile or are just getting started – this session will help you understand what’s possible in Python!

Join us on Jan 8th, registration is now open!

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Melissa Alas

Product Marketing Manager, Cloud and Platform