Kubernetes – 100% Upstream, Simple, Fast, Supported

You may have seen – over here at Cisco we’ve just released a new Cisco Container Platform (CCP) together with learning labs to learn the basics of CCP and its API.

CCP aims to take away the pain from deploying and maintaining your container platforms on premise for your entire organisation. It uses Kubernetes to achieve this, being jointly developed by an enterprise-level partnership between Cisco and those lovely folks over at Google Cloud, providing enterprise support via Cisco.

We use 100% upstream kubernetes, so no secret tweaks to get it to integrate with other kubernetes deployments in the cloud – any cluster you spin up (super simply, in seconds, may we add) will come with the exact API you have in kubernetes deployments elsewhere. Everyone loves some good, simple multi-cloud action.

CCP for Kubernetes clustersCisco Container Platform gives you all the pieces you need
to build Kubernetes clusters in minutes.

CCP throw in some great user management, monitoring, and analytics smarts so you’ve got a pretty awesome solution to your company’s developer needs.

Get Hands on, fast!

Sound too good to be true? Well, you can get hands on with CCP in minutes courtesy of the new CCP DevNet Sandbox we’ve just released – totally free!

Head over to Sandbox, find the Cisco Container Platform sandbox in the Cloud Category of our catalog, hit reserve and off you go…indulging in no time. The Sandbox will also point you over to this handy learning lab, which will take you through the basics of CCP, it’s API and allow you to build clusters for your entire organisation in minutes!

CCP learning labs

Explore More!

Finally, head over to DevNet’s Cisco & Google Cloud Dev Center to learn more about Cisco’s work with Google, use cases, multi-cloud and more.

Also, for those in the Americas, jump into the Cisco & Google Cloud Challenge! You show us what you’ve got in hybrid cloud by building an application using Cisco Container Platform and Google Cloud Platform technology, and YOU COULD WIN:

  • Thousands of $$$ in prizes
  • Two tickets to Cisco Live Barcelona 2019
  • Google Cloud Platform credits
  • and much more!

Enjoy & Good Luck!

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Tom Davies

Manager, DevNet Sandbox

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