It is increasingly important for teams to embrace diversity, equity, and inclusivity. I hosted a panel discussion with Tony Colon, SVP, Cisco Customer & Partner Experience; Jeff Levensailor, Engineering Manager, Presidio; and Hoda Alshami, Technology Product Manager – Network Observability & Automation, Nationwide where we discussed, among other things, the importance of this critical topic. Bringing to the table ideas from people of different backgrounds helps in decision making, team planning, corporate strategy, and ultimately in the applications and products we build for our customers. I was excited to announce an initiative that we open-sourced on this front.

Grace at CLUS

Full Stack Wellness & Diversity Initiative

Cisco’s DevRel team developed a grassroots DEI (diversity, equity, inclusion) program, Full Stack Wellness & Diversity.  This grassroots initiative—built from the ground up—is intended to promote and celebrate diversity and inclusion in the workplace by building and developing teams where everyone thrives. The vision for this series is to create a community at work where everyone has a voice, feels included, and has a safe place, and safe space for creative thinking to thrive.

full stack wellness

As we implement DEI programs into our teams and organizations, I strongly encourage you to look at our Full Stack Wellness & Diversity initiative. The team worked thoughtfully to build it with these points in mind:

  • Let’s approach D&I the way we approach other problems in tech. Often, that means giving developers tools, trusting them, and getting out of their way
  • We developed tools. We tested them. We know they make a difference.
  • We’re sharing. We want people to make changes, improvements, etc. Improving D&I is a big goal – this is v1.0

Based on Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs, the five, one-hour sessions will help us gain greater awareness of these practices and take our own next steps – individually, together as a team, and organizationally. The session materials and three new blog posts are now available externally for the broader developer community.  Check them out at:

What Else?

As we work to build more diverse and inclusive teams ourselves, it is important to not just talk the talk, but to walk the walk of including other points of view in the program itself. We’d like to invite you, as part of the Cisco Community, to contribute back to the project. Check out the GitHub repo, try the program out with your own company, and give us feedback. Let us know how you’re implementing the project into your team. I personally would love to hear how you’ve used it.

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Grace Francisco

Vice President

Developer Relations Strategy & Experience