There is a traditional saying in Spanish: “Todo entra por los ojos.” The literal translation is something like everything enters through the eyes.

A better explanation is that smell, sight, taste, touch, and hearing are fundamental to how human beings experience life. The information provided by each sense is interpreted in our brains, used to perceive the environment, and interact with other people.

But I digress. Going back to “everything enters through the eyes,” when we are working with software applications, the way we feel about what we are using depends heavily on what we are seeing, and the quality of that visual experience.

Good design ⇒ Good user experience

In my professional career as a software developer, I have learned to value the impact of what a good user experience provides to a project. I have seen multiple times how a good design (if implemented correctly) will enhance the user’s experience. And in doing so, speed up the implementation process and do wonders during the adoption phase.

I work for Altus, a Cisco partner based in San José, Costa Rica. Recently, we applied for the Advanced DevNet Specialization. As part of the process, we had to prove our technical skills by solving a challenge. One of the main obstacles for us was that the challenge involved technologies new to us. Plus, we had to get the knowledge and solve the problem in the week given to us.

Good process ⇒ Satisfied customers

We approached the challenge in the same way we implement software development projects at our company. We assembled a team that consisted of a backend engineer, a frontend engineer, and a UI/UX designer. Then did the research to understand what was possible with the APIs and technologies we needed to use. And implemented our process to enable constant communication between the three engineering groups.

Thankfully, we solved the challenge within the time limit and with excellent feedback from the auditors, which gave us confidence that our process delivers outcomes that satisfy customers. That experience motivated me to offer a session at DevNet Create 2021 titled, “Building solutions where the user experience is the priority.”

Learn our process at DevNet Create 2021

As software developers, we know we need to prioritize solving a given problem. We also understand that providing a good user experience is as essential to software as the logic behind it. We can’t overlook also keeping a focus on improving the adoption of our software.

My presentation expands on the importance of providing a good user experience and the process we follow at Altus to achieve it.

Register for DevNet Create to join my session, then visit our Application Developer site for APIs and SDKs you can use to create enterprise-ready applications.

DevNet Create 2021

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Jose Bogarín Solano

Chief innovation Officer

Altus Consulting