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Cisco SecureX is a cross-product, cross-vendor security toolset that combines threat intelligence and defensive and response capabilities from multiple Cisco and third-party security and networking products. SecureX uses the APIs of these products in a coordinated fashion to bring security operations teams unprecedented simplicity, visibility, and efficiency.

New updates for SecureX

Now you might have noticed, Cisco SecureX has made some great updates recently:

  • New website on DevNet gets you to the tools you need to streamline tasks involved in threat hunting and investigation
  • New Learning Labs show you how to use this low-to-no-code approach to automating your security operation

Live webinar gets you up to speed fast

Register now to join the webinar on November 17, 9AM PDT.

In this webinar Ben Greenbaum will walk you through a short introduction on what SecureX is and what some of the best features are. Then we will dive right into developing with SecureX. Ben will talk about the Cisco Threat Intelligence Model (CTIM), the model behind the SecureX APIs. You’ll see how the model makes SecureX as powerful as it is, and how to use it to your advantage. CTIM is based on STIX with some minor improvements.

Learn how to use SecureX threat response

In the webinar we’ll go into detail on how to use SecureX threat response to automate the incident response process and manage threat intelligence and security context data in a single location. (For more on this you can also read my blog on “Harvesting Threat Intelligence with the SecureX Threat Response API.”)

Finally, we will dive into SecureX Orchestration – a new workflow automation feature powered by Cisco Action Orchestrator. SecureX Orchestration enables you to define workflows to reflect your typical security processes — the automation steps (activities), the logic or flow between these steps, and how to flow data from one step to the next.

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