Wow… 12 months at Cisco has flown by!  I have already been fortunate to speak at not one, but two, Cisco Live events, numerous customer and partner events including DevNet Express, and have been a part of awesome new product launches with our Catalyst and Meraki wireless portfolio.  All of this has been thanks to the excellent support from my Enterprise Networking and DevNet colleagues, and of course our wonderful customers and partners!

Presenting on Wi-Fi Fundamentals and Wi-Fi 6 at Cisco Live San Diego 2019

More Wi-Fi 6 excitement to come

The next 12 months looks to be even more exciting as we will see further adoption of Wi-Fi 6 with the release of more wireless clients that support Wi-Fi 6, as well as the Wi-Fi Alliance certification process being completed.

I had a lot of fun presenting on Wi-Fi 6 during one of our enterprise wireless technical seminars at Cisco Live San Diego, as well as discussing the new technology and possibilities with our customers and partners at the event.  I even ran a 20-minute webinar going into some of the more technical details around the features of Wi-Fi 6, and how Cisco is going beyond the 802.11ax standard with the Cisco RF ASIC in our Catalyst 9120 wireless access point.  Check it out here:

Cisco Catalyst 9100 Series Wi-Fi 6 Wireless Access Points

It has been invigorating discussing the capabilities and potential of the Cisco RF ASIC with customers and partners alike, given our custom silicon can offload a lot of the functions typical Wi-Fi radios need to perform.  The Cisco RF ASIC will provide improved Wi-Fi 6 user experiences, additional analytics into what is happening in your environment, and programmable features such as RF Signature Capture with fingerprinting, Zero-wait and Dual-filter DFS, next-generation CleanAir and WIPS, plus more!  See the Cisco Live On-Demand session by Jim Florwick to dive deeper.

Speaking of programmability, the DevNet Zone was absolutely packed all week long in San Diego!  Many attendees were attending workshops, presentations, labs, and having great discussions with DevNet experts.  Even I was getting excited discussing some new API capabilities with James McKee from Meraki around the new MR wireless access points and MV cameras, combining location and video analytics, following on from the reveal of the Meraki MV32 during the Cisco Live Technology Keynote.

Discussing the possibilities of programmability with the Cisco Meraki team at Cisco Live San Diego

Aside from Wi-Fi 6, the hot topics on wireless at Cisco Live San Diego included OpenRoaming (which was deployed throughout the venues), next generation Wi-Fi security including WPA3, Cisco Catalyst 9800 Wireless LAN Controllers, and automation & assurance with Cisco DNA Center.  Check out my friends Rowell & François over at the Clear To Send podcast to get their views on the week in the San Diego.

François and Rowell recording their thoughts of the week at Cisco Live San Diego

Here at Cisco we are kicking off the start of our fiscal year together at Cisco Impact in Las Vegas, which will provide us with great insight into the evolving technologies and trends that will be at the forefront of Cisco Live 2020, also in Las Vegas!

Keep your eyes open for more Wi-Fi 6 goodness from Cisco in the near future, and explore the many opportunities available for developers by visiting DevNet’s Wireless Dev Center!


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