If you have been to any of our recent Cisco Live events around the globe, you have undoubtedly experienced the engagement and energy that surrounds Cisco DevNet. Whether you are spending time in the DevNet Zone, workshops, break-out sessions or hands-on labs, you can’t help but leave a little smarter and a lot more energized about the exciting transitions that Cisco is leading in the industry.

DevOps, automation, process digitization and design thinking are more than just industry buzzwords – they are actionable opportunities to deliver real value to the companies that dive-in and embrace them. But how?

DevNet Express Cisco Live 2017

The DevNet Experience

DevNet is all about providing developers (you) with the tools, resources, and the code you need to build innovative, network-enabled solutions. Now, you might be thinking, “…but I’m not a developer…”. That’s ok; our Cisco SEs have gone through this transition as well. Today, the word developer is a broad term. It can refer to those who develop traditional applications and online services, and it can also refer to those who use a variety of programmatic tools to create, develop and deliver new outcomes.

Like networking engineers who are using APIs and modern scripting tools to automate deployments and routine operations tasks.

…or data center engineers who are creating and orchestrating fast and flexible public and private clouds.

…or collaboration engineers who are connecting people and systems to deliver compelling digitized processes.

Cisco Experts at DevNet Express Partners and Systems Engineers

Cisco DevNet is here to help all of us in our individual digitization journeys. At an event (or available 24/7 at developer.cisco.com), Cisco DevNet helps you learn modern development tools and how to incorporate them into your toolbox of skills to enable you to become a “developer” of new outcomes and experiences for your company.

DevNet Express

We realize that not everyone can make it out to one of our Cisco Live events, and because we don’t want you to miss out on the experience, we created an internal partnership and joint-venture between the Cisco DevNet and Worldwide Systems Engineering organizations. Through this partnership, we are bringing the DevNet experience to your community through our workforce of expert Systems Engineers in an event format we call DevNet Express.

Cisco experts at DevNet Express

A DevNet Express event is a one to three-day event led by Cisco SEs where we provide you with the opportunity to “Listen, Learn and Put into Practice” these modern development and engineering skills. If you have never coded before (or perhaps not since your college days of punch cards, assembly or C++), don’t worry. We have you covered. We start off these events with foundational development skills training, to acclimate you to the latest languages and tools (and these aren’t the tools from your college days). Then, we dive into track or technology-specific modules, where you will apply your new skills in working with Cisco APIs to do some old and some new things. In all of this, you are in the driver’s seat. These are hands-on, guided-learning exercises with challenging missions that will get your started in the world of APIs and programmability.

Join Us

We have trained over 220 of our global Systems Engineers to deliver these DevNet Express events, and they are happening in cities and locations near you. In just eight months (from December 2016 to July 2017), our SEs have hosted 59 events in 25 countries getting almost 1,500 participants started with APIs and programmability. The energy has been amazing!

Cisco Engineers Developers DevNetExpress

See what your peers are saying about these events on social media by following #DEVNETexpress on Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn, and then check out the list of upcoming events on the DevNet Events page and register for one near you.

-Michael Koons

P.S. – If per chance you don’t see an event near you, ask your local SE to host one. We’ll help him or her make it happen.

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