With all the activity by the DevNet communityI’ve been thinking a lot about the power of individualsthe power of communities, and what can be achieved when people are inspired to learn and work together to innovate and change the world. It’s amazing how one person, in proximity to otherscan take an action that creates a ripple that touches teams, businesses, industries, perhaps even the world.  

When I think about this in terms of innovation and what that looks like, it begins with you. One developer. One line of code. One HELLO, WORLD!” 

Attending the DevNet Create virtual conference is one such action – combining the power of people and community to learn together and make change happenThis year at DevNet Create, we hope that you come inspired and you leave empoweredInspired to build that proof of concept; to use the DevNet Sandbox; to contribute code to the Code Exchange; tempower change for yourself, your team, your business, your industry, your world 

Automation makes anything possible

With automation and programmability, we know what’s possible. We know that automation has the power to transform the way teams, businesses, and industries operate. We know that automation creates efficiencies and decreases errors. We know that it has so much potential. And you say it best.  

We reached out to you, our DevNet community, and here’s what you said in response to the question, “What’s possible with automation?”:

Every time I watch this video, I get so excited and inspiredYou say it best. What’s not possible with automation?  

Innovation at scale starts with you

That’s why we know innovation at scale starts with you. This means making a splash with your skills, your talent, your teams and the tools in a way that creates that ripple effecttransforming the potential of businesses and entire industries! 

We start by developing the skills for DevOps, using APIs, building a proof of concept, then sharing it with others – acting as a catalyst for innovationBecause transformation happens bottom up, top down, and all around. 

DevNet as your foundation

I want to share an important point: You don’t have to go it alone — you have DevNetDevNet is here for you with the tools, resources and a half million strong community to help you out and cheer you on. You have the tools and resources to build, design, and test code in a secure, remote environmentfor example with: 

  • The DevNet Automation Exchange, that allows you to find code from Cisco and from the community that solves your problems, 
  • The DevNet Sandbox that gives you a place to get hands on with Cisco platforms to design and build your ideas,  
  • And Cisco Modeling Labs that helps you model and test topology in your own network environment. 

The DevNet community has your back, supporting you the whole way, as you learn, grow and innovate. In fact, during DevNet Create, we’re offering 25% discount when you register for a DevNet Certification exam between October 26 and November 6. And we’ve created new Workforce Transformation packages to help your business get started with automation and programmability.

A challenge

Our challenge to you today is this: be catalyst for changeBe the one who can make anything happen – the one who starts the ripple effect and drives innovation and transformation for your business; the one who learns automation and programmability skills and shares them with a team; a business, an industry, the one who builds a proof of concept; the one who gets to “HELLO, WORLD!; 

DevNet is here to support you. The change starts with you. 

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