How Cisco uses automation, programmability, Python, InfluxDB, and Grafana to provide world-class technology conference experiences

Cisco Systems’ Cisco Live conference is held annually – in the winter in Europe and in the summer in the United States. A typical US event hosts 600+ breakout sessions, dozens of keynotes, Certification Testing and walk-in labs. The conference serves over 26,000 attendees and all their mobile devices. The internal network team is responsible for ensuring that 2,200 wireless access points and 800 switches are providing sufficient network connectivity, availability and bandwidth for all attendees, speakers and organizers across 2 million square feet of conference space. Over 9 days (4 days of setup and 5 conference days), event staff and attendees have pushed over 84 terabytes of data from the conference to the internet! Dual 100 Gigabit/second primary links and backup 10 Gigabit/second links handle anything the users can throw at it.

The infrastructure required for this event also includes servers, VMs, and containerized workloads. With the growing need for hybrid events, Cisco’s team also ensures 100% video streaming uptime. Discover how Cisco uses InfluxDB to store key performance metrics across many IT domains alongside their commercial management solutions. The team continues to iterate and improve year-over-year to gain visibility into their network and devices to streamline troubleshooting and quickly respond to events before they become service impacting.

In this webinar we’ll dive into:

  • Cisco’s approach to using automation, orchestration, Python scripts, SNMP, and streaming telemetry to collect network data
  • Their methodology to troubleshooting, prioritizing, and scheduling fixes to ensure the best client experience
  • How a time series platform is crucial to their real-time data analysis

Join me for a live webinar on February 15, 2022

How Cisco Provides World ClassTechnology Conference Experiences

8:00AM PT | 4:00 PM GMT


Jason Davis

Distinguished Engineer

Cisco Developer Relations