A trifecta of ISE (Identity Services Engine) power is coming your way via DevNet

First, we have a brand-new ISE 3.1 sandbox.

Second, we have new learning labs that show you what you can do in the sandbox.

Third, and most importantly, we have a webinar coming up next week to go through all this exciting stuff.

ISE 3.1 pic1

Now before we go into the details of all of these items, it makes sense to talk about the new ISE release: version 3.1. Even though ISE has had APIs for a long time, the current release goes above and beyond the previous capabilities. In version 3.1, a new API is added which is built on top of the OpenAPI Specification (OAS). It now allows to configure policy sets, certificates and more! These were caveats in the previous APIs that have now been solved. Furthermore, to make it even easier than ever to use this new ISE API, a Python SDK and Ansible module have been released as well.

If you want to learn how to use this, then you should definitely come and join the webinar next week!

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DevNet sandbox and learning labs

Now we can cover more of the details of the DevNet sandbox and learning labs. The sandbox is created as such, that you will receive API access to a full ISE instance, together with an Active Directory, Radius Simulator and a “Dev Box”. This will allow for a real-life experience, without the chance of breaking anything in production. Use this for development and testing purposes, or just use this sandbox to learn alongside of the DevNet ISE Learning Labs. In these labs you will go through a variety of scenarios. Below is a high-level overview of what you will do:

  1. Enable the ISE APIs and configure Role-Based Access Control
  2. Use the new ISE OpenAPIs with the Swagger utility
  3. Install and use the ISE REST API collections in Postman
  4. Convert your Postman REST calls to Python scripts
  5. Install and use the new ciscoisesdk Python package
  6. Install and use Ansible including the new cisco.ise modules
  7. Configure an ISE deployment using Ansible playbooks

Are you as excited as we are about all of this news? Then register now to join us at next week’s webinars!

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