It is that time of the year again.  Summer in Australia is in full swing! I have just come back from an amazing Cisco Live Europe in Barcelona.

Adam Radford Barcelona DevNet

Now, I am turning my attention to the upcoming Cisco Live in Melbourne  (March 5-8). This is one of my favorite events! Cisco Live Melbourne is in my home country, and the audience is always super engaged.

Cisco Live Melbourne DevNet Zone Community engagement

This year, I am taking a wholistic approach to my presentations.  I have nine sessions on  Cisco DNA Center API, and  I have structured them around the lifecycle of network operations:

  • Day-0 Onboarding: Looking at Network Plug and Play (PNP) to take a device from out of the box and add it to the network.  Image upgrade and day-0 configuration [DEVWKS-2424].
  • Day-1 Configuration: Automation of  adding/deleting sites, applying templates and intent based API such as creating/deleting  Wireless LANs [DEVNET2425, DEVWKS-2872].
  • Day-2 Assurance: Prove that the network is working as expected.  Use API to extract critical data about the health of network users and network devices [DEVNET-2878, DEVWKS-2878] .
  • Day-N optimization and integration: How Cisco DNA Center can be integrated into broader IT processes, such as service management.   Use Webhooks to process insights and events generated by Cisco DNA Center [DEVNET-2877, DEVWKS-2879].

If you want to hear about everything in one go, I have have a “greatest hits” uber-session (BRKRST-2674).

It is going to be a very busy week, but I look forward to the opportunity to share and learn from everyone who is attending.  The DevNet Zone will be the place to be!


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