It’s official! Within sixteen days of launching our new Cisco DevNet certifications, 500 dedicated individuals from around the globe have earned a DevNet certification! Today we celebrate you!

We’ve been on a journey together, and I can’t say thank you enough to you – our customers, partners and employees who are our DevNet developers – for your enthusiasm to join the Cisco DevNet community and now the DevNet certified community.

We worked on the DevNet certifications for over a year and we were both excited and nervous about the exam launch on Monday, February 24. On the Sunday before I was wondering what would happen the next day. But then, on Sunday evening I started seeing tweets come in about people who earned their DevNet certification! I forgot that it was already Monday in Australia and Asia! I stayed up all night on February 24 watching more tweets roll in from around the world.

Who was getting certified?

It was people who worked for Cisco partners and customers, people who studied with study groups, students, people who worked for Cisco, including Cisco SEs and DevNet team members. Then, if that was not enough, we started to hear from people who earned multiple DevNet certifications!

I strongly believe that the people in the DevNet community are the leaders of a new generation, prepared to unleash the full potential of today’s new network. And those who have won the race to be in the DevNet 500 represent a special group.

Having a DevNet Certification – Associate, Specialist or Professional – proves that you have the software skills employers and organizations need today. It’s a badge to wear proudly, and we’re so happy to see that you’re sharing your excitement across social media. Here are just a few examples:

DevNet 500 tweets

Companies are beginning to acknowledge DevNet Certified individuals as strategic assets as well: that magnifies this badge of honor.  One example is from Jeff Andiorio, of Cisco partner WWT, who told an impressive story about why WWT had its developer team get DevNet certified. Now, WWT is celebrating the success of their internal study group, with all nine candidates making it into the DevNet500.  Companies such as Logicalis incentivized their employees by offering a generous charitable donation for those who made it into the DevNet 500.  And this is only the beginning.

DevNet 500 tweets

DevNet 500 tweets

More than a badge

You’ve received a DevNet500 badge to acknowledge your achievement but there’s so much more that makes you important. You’ve made history, and we’d like to share more of your stories. We’re building a community around you as leaders, experts and advocates who will influence the shape of IT – and what’s possible with programmability and automation.

A huge congrats and welcome

So, here’s to you – the DevNet500. Congratulations! Your energy and enthusiasm inspire us. I want to thank you for your efforts from deep in my heart. You have stretched into new areas, acquired new knowledge and learned new skills. You have been active in the community. You have not only stretched yourself, but many of you have taught and mentored others. You inspire me and I am forever grateful to have you in the DevNet community and in the DevNet 500 community. Look for more on next steps for the DevNet 500 and the rest of our certified community, coming soon!

We’re at the beginning…

The race to become one of the DevNet500 has come to a finish, and yet we are still at the beginning. We are just starting to see LinkedIn posts where people are showing their DevNet certification badges. We are starting to see job postings for DevNet certified individuals. We will be creating the new DevNet partner specialization, which requires DevNet certified individuals. We will be creating jobs and a new workforce that will be valuable to companies around the world.

The Cisco CCIE program started 26 years ago, and we know and revere the people who earned their CCIE certification in those first few years. We are at that same stage with our new Cisco DevNet Certifications. If we fast forward 10 years and look back, I know that our community will celebrate those who earned their DevNet certifications in 2020. Please join us to become part of the DevNet Certified community! Together we will change the world.

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Susie Wee


Cisco DevNet Ecosystem Success