We started DevNet six years ago with the ambitious goal of creating a community of developers who could innovate and succeed with the programmable infrastructure that we knew Cisco and the industry would develop in the next 5 years. Only a few of Cisco’s products had APIs at that time, but we knew that we were making the network programmable, and we wanted our community of professionals to be ready. We focused on two audiences: 1) We wanted to reskill our loyal networkers so they could fully leverage the networking paradigm that was to come, and 2) We wanted to attract new developers and ecosystem partners by giving them a new way to engage with Cisco – through its APIs!

Today, all of Cisco’s products are programmable and have APIs. Today, automation and programmability are changing how networking is done and the role networks play in business. Programmable networks can now be a part of DevOps workflows and CI/CD pipelines. The programmable network is at the heart of digital transformation and helps businesses transform, differentiate, and compete. This new technology creates new jobs, and we want our professionals to be positioned as leaders in the industry for the next 25 years.

From day 1, we had a bold vision. We wanted to help you, our developers, be successful in your businesses and in your careers, and we wanted you to do this together with a community of professionals who are solving similar problems. We strive to give you the knowledge, skills, and insights you need to be the hero of your organization. And, we want to empower you to take on new emerging job roles like network automation developer, DevSecOps professional, and IoT architect. We want you to lead technology teams and IT departments that drive business success in a competitive world, using the power of automation and programmable. And, importantly, we want to give you a way to certify your skills in highly valuable areas so you can accelerate your career.

The time is here. DevNet Certifications are now.

I’m thrilled to announce that today marks a monumental milestone across Cisco to provide the entire IT community with the tools you need to become successful in your personal and professional journeys. You can read more about the transformation here https://blogs.cisco.com/customerexperience/a-new-era-for-a-new-network‎.
We’re infusing our traditional network engineering certifications with new skills in automation and programmability and introducing a brand-new suite of DevNet certifications.

We’re especially excited about the new DevNet certifications. Software developers, network engineers, all of you seeking an opportunity to take your career to the next level, seek no more. Today, I encourage you to sign up to take your DevNet Certification – whether you’re a newcomer to the industry seeking guidance with a DevNet Associate certification, or a seasoned networker looking to enhance your skills with a Specialist or Professional certification.

How to get started NOW!

It’s simple: start here, we’ve provided a full suite of new tools and resources. We’re all here for you and this site is a fantastic way to kick-off the beginning of your DevNet Certification journey.

And here is ONE more exciting goal to reach: Aim to be one of the first 500!

Join the DevNet 500: The race to get a Cisco DevNet certification

At Cisco Live Barcelona, I announced the new DevNet 500 program in the keynote, alongside Cisco’s Head of Customer Experience (CX) for EMEAR, Alistair Wildman. And it was exciting! We received a lot of positive responses from those in and outside of the DevNet and Cisco certified communities. So today, I wanted to take some time to fill you in on the details and explain why this program is so important.

What is the DevNet 500?

The DevNet 500 will recognize the first 500 individuals who earn one of the new DevNet certifications – Associate, Specialist or Professional – and from wherever in the world they pass the exam. Watch the video below for more details:

Why join?

There are so many reasons to join the DevNet 500, and I’ve highlighted several below.

  • Puts you on the forefront of technology. The network is changing. It’s programmable, and increasingly more intuitive and automated. Being part of the DevNet 500 proves you’re even more prepared to unleash the full potential of the new network.
  • Exclusive access to innovators. Part of being in an exclusive group is access to its members. Networking win. Join a group of the world’s leading innovators in software development and automation.
  • It’s a badge of honor. And it’s one that you can wear proudly. It signals to the world that your skills are not only up to date but also focused on the future. That’s why, as part of the DevNet 500, you’ll be recognized with a designated web-enabled badge that you can wear proudly.
  • Proves you’re a life-long learner. There’s nothing more important in today’s workplace than keeping your skills fresh. Being a member of the DevNet 500 signals that you’ve got a continuous learning mindset, and that you’re willing to diversify and build your skills now, and for the future.
  • Perks. As a part of the DevNet 500, you’ll get a designated web-enabled badge for professional and personal recognition to showcase in your social profiles, which we are also unveiling today – see below! You’ll be part of an exclusive community that will be recognized at upcoming events including DevNet Create and CiscoLive U.S. with many more perks to come.
  • Bragging rights. It might sound like a no-brainer, being part of the DevNet 500 gives you bragging rights for life. And you’ll have the opportunity to be featured across the DevNet community as you desire.

DevNet 500 logo

So do YOU have what it takes to join the DevNet 500?

The DevNet 500 is limited to the first 500 people who get DevNet certified, and there are so many reasons to get excited to join. So, here’s my challenge to you. Start your software and automation learning journey by visiting https://developer.cisco.com/certification/. Book your exam today. And if you’re planning to take a DevNet exam, let us know what’s inspired you. Post in the comments below.

Again, I couldn’t be more thrilled to help you kick-start this journey. We couldn’t be better together without you on this mission – and we look forward to staying with you every step of the way as you take on the next step in making your professional visions of your future with Cisco a reality.

Please note: The DevNet 500 is NOT an actual DevNet certification. It’s an acknowledgement for being among the first 500 individuals who achieve any DevNet certification.

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