If you’re wondering why an automation tool like the Cisco Catalyst SD-WAN would need more APIs and additional automation, don’t worry — you’re not alone. Why layer on more automation tools to a tool that already streamlines processes and operates the WAN network based on automation concepts? The answer lies in critical elements like customization and optimization.

Enhancing customization for unique business needs

SD-WAN solutions, like Cisco’s Catalyst, provide robust capabilities that address diverse use cases and are renowned for their feature-rich automation for WAN. However, there are specific use cases which require an additional layer of automation. This additional automation for these use-cases enables businesses to design and tailor solutions to align perfectly with their network requirements.

For instance, organizations often need to measure network and application performance and SLA metrics through a lens unique to their operations. APIs effectively gather this critical data from a central location (such as the Catalyst Manager) to curate a customized dashboard, providing insights relevant to specific use cases.

Time and cost efficiency with a dash of creativity

Aside from being an efficient product to reduce your WAN solution’s cost, the Cisco SD-WAN Catalyst, coupled with API integrations, can further streamline operations, save man-hours, and inspire creativity within your IT team. By automating mundane tasks, teams can focus on creating innovative solutions requiring less time and effort.

Consider the example of migrating from a traditional WAN to an SD-WAN, where site-specific configurations have to be handled by designated teams. Such tasks may seem straightforward, but the complexity increases when you factor in IP planning or future network changes. Automated API-based tools integrated with Catalyst Manager can alleviate these challenges, providing a unified platform that eliminates the need to navigate multiple tools and dashboards.

Beyond these benefits, there are countless ways in which SD-WAN products’ API and automation capabilities can help businesses to thrive and gain more out of their investment.

Capitalize on the benefits of SD-WAN API automation capabilities

To fully harness these benefits, it is imperative to have:

  • best practices in API product development
  • robust platforms for API testing
  • comprehensive training on product API usage

The Cisco Catalyst SD-WAN developer site can help you deep-dive into everything concerning Catalyst SD-WAN APIs, automation capabilities, educational events, and indispensable tools.

Join the Cisco Catalyst SD-WAN API Awareness Month to understand the nuances of REST APIs, their applications within the SD-WAN landscape, and the arsenal of tools and features that empower you to construct the most efficient automation solutions for your enterprise.

For a more detailed overview of our planned activities, we invite you to explore the comprehensive schedule provided in this blog. If you have missed any of the live sessions, you can always check the Devnet YouTube channel and for the recorded SDWAN videos. Embark on this knowledge-enriching journey with us and unlock the full potential of APIs in revolutionizing your business operations with Cisco Catalyst SD-WAN.



Mike Ketabforoosh

Engineering Product Manager

Cisco SD-WAN