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Welcome to Cisco SD-WAN Automation Awareness Month!

In the world of software and tools development, API and automation tools have become essential for customizing and streamlining operational tasks. By leveraging these tools, developers can create efficient workflows that save time and reduce errors while also improving the overall quality of their products.

Cisco SD-WAN is an SD-WAN product designed to simplify WAN networking. With its advanced automation and programmability features, Cisco SD-WAN enables developers to create customized workflows that improve network performance and reduce operational overhead. In this three-week program, we will explore how to use different API and automation tools to work with Cisco SD-WAN automation and gain hands-on experience with these powerful tools.

Week 1: REST API Basics and SD-WAN REST APIs

Our first week will kick off with a webinar that introduces you to the basics of REST API and how it works with Cisco SD-WAN. You’ll learn about the different types of API requests and responses and how to work with SD-WAN REST APIs specifically.

After the webinar, you’ll have the opportunity to attend an online workshop where you can practice using Postman to execute simple queries and navigate API documentation. We’ll provide access to the SD-WAN 20.10 Sandbox and the SD-WAN Programmability Learning Lab, which will give you hands-on experience with these tools.

Week 2: Cisco SD-WAN Use Cases

In week two, we’ll dive into Cisco SD-WAN use cases, with a webinar on Day 0 scenarios. You’ll learn how to use IaC (Infrastructure-as-Code) to provision SD-WAN controllers and to onboard branch devices in multi-cloud environment.

After the webinar, we’ll host an online workshop where you’ll get to practice hands-on with Day 2 use cases and use the SD-WAN Programmability APIs to explore monitoring, statistics, alarms, troubleshooting and developing custom dashboards using MongoDB.

Week 3: Sastre and Automation Toolset

Our final week will focus on Cisco SD-WAN automation toolset, with a webinar introducing you to Sastre – a set of tools that provide functions to assist with managing configuration elements and visualize information from Cisco SD-WAN deployments. You’ll learn how to use this toolset to automate Day 1 and Day 2 processes and gain a deeper understanding of Infrastructure-as-Code and DevOps concepts.

Finally, we’ll host a hands-on online workshop where you can put your Sastre knowledge to the test, using Sastre along with the SDWAN DevOps repository to automate common use cases.

Schedule of webinars and workshops

Week 1, June 12th 2023: SD-WAN API Introduction

Webinar (45 minutes) — June 13th 2023, 8AM PT
Speaker: Adrian Iliesiu (ailiesiu@cisco.com)
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Workshop (90 minutes) —  June 15th 2023, 8AM PT
Hands-on navigating SD-WAN API documentation with sample queries
Speaker: Adrian Iliesiu (ailiesiu@cisco.com)
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Week 2, June 19th 2023: SD-WAN Automation Use Cases

Webinar (45 minutes) — June 20th 2023, 8AM PT 
Provisioning SD-WAN controllers and branch devices in public clouds
Speakers: Alex Yeung (alyeung@cisco.com) & Lori Jakab (lojakab@cisco.com)
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Workshop (90 minutes) — June 22nd 2023, 8AM PT
Hands-on Day-2 automation use cases
Speaker: Joel Jose (joeljos@cisco.com)
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Week 3, June 26th 2023: SD-WAN Automation Toolset and DevOps Repository

Webinar (45 minutes) — June 27th 2023, 8am PT
Introduction to Sastre
Speakers: Marcelo Reis (mareis@cisco.com) & Eric Stewart (estewart@cisco.com)
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Workshop (90 minutes) — June 29th 2023, 8AM PT
Hands-on using Sastre automation toolset and Day-1 use case
Speakers: Marcelo Reis & Eric Stewart
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Registration opens Monday, May 15th

This program is free for attendees. Registration for the Cisco SD-WAN automation awareness month will be available starting on May 15th, 2023. The program will start on June 12th and end on June 30st. Please use the links above to register and/or explore related resources.


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