Mike Ketabforoosh

Engineering Product Manager

Cisco SD-WAN

Mike brings with him over a decade of experience in the networking and security industries. He has spent the last four and a half years honing his abilities as a product manager for Cisco's Catalyst SD-WAN solution, gaining experience in a variety of technical and marketing positions. Mike is currently focusing his efforts on the Cisco SD-WAN orchestrator and management, utilizing his prior experiences and distinctive insights to drive innovation and improve operational efficiency and automation.


June 21, 2023


Unleash the Business Potential of the Cisco Catalyst SD-WAN API

2 min read

See how SD-WAN solutions, like Cisco's Catalyst, provide automation features for WAN that enable businesses to build solutions that align perfectly with their network requirements.

May 3, 2021


Cisco SD-WAN is Jumping on the Smart Licensing Train

3 min read

To streamline license management, Cisco SD-WAN is adopting Smart Licensing. This capability allows users to grow the network on-demand with the least operational friction while ensuring the overlay is in compliance.