The power of programmability, automation, and orchestration

Automating security operations within the public clouds takes advantage of the plethora of today’s capabilities available and can drive improvements throughout all facets of an organization. Public clouds are built on the power of programmability, automation, and orchestration. Pulling all of these together into a unified mechanism can help deliver robust, elastic, and on-demand services. Services that support the largest of enterprises, or the smallest of organizations or individuals, and everywhere in between.

Providing security AND great customer experience

The success of the major public cloud providers is a testament itself to the power of automation. Let’s face it, Cyber Security isn’t getting any easier, and attackers are only getting more sophisticated. When considering the makeup of today’s organizations, as well as those of the future, a few key points are worth consideration.

First, the shift to a significantly remote workforce it here to stay. Post-pandemic there will certainly be a significant number of employees returning to the office. However, the flexibility so many have gotten used to, will likely remain a reality and must be accounted for by SecOps teams.

Secondly, physical locations, from manufacturing facilities and office space, to branch coffee shops, not everything has the ability to go virtual and we, as security practitioners, are left with a significant challenge. How do we provide comprehensive security, alongside seamless customer, and top-notch user experience?

Clearly the answer is automation

The SecureX AWS Relay Module consolidates monitoring your AWS environment.

Leveraging the flexibility of Cisco’s SecureX is a great place to begin your organization’s cloud automation journey. Do this by deploying the SecureX AWS Relay Module. This module immediately consolidates monitoring your AWS environment, right alongside the rest of the security tools within the robust SecureX platform. Within the module are three significant components:

  • Dashboard tiles providing high level metrics around the infrastructure, IAM, and network traffic, as a means of monitoring trends and bubbling up potential issues.
  • Threat Response, with features that facilitate deep threat hunting capabilities by evaluating connection events between compute instances and remote hosts, while also providing enrichment on known suspicious or malicious observables such as remote IP addresses or file hashes.
  • Response capabilities allow for the immediate segmentation of instances as a means of blocking lateral spread or data exfiltration, all from within the Threat Response console.

securexThe SecureX enterprise grade workflow orchestration engine offers
low or no-code options for automating your AWS, environment

Customizable automaton and orchestration capabilities

The SecureX Relay Module provides some great capabilities, however there are many operations that an organization needs to perform that fall outside the scope of its native capabilities. To help manage those, and provide highly customizable automaton and orchestration capabilities, there is SecureX Orchestration. This enterprise grade workflow orchestration engine offers low or no-code options for automating your AWS, environment and many, many, more.


SecureX Orchestration operates by leveraging workflows as automation mechanisms that simply go from start-to-end and perform tasks ranging from individual HTTP API calls, to pre-built, drag and drop, operations known as Atomic Actions. These “Atomics” allow for the consumption of certain capabilities without the need to manage the underlying operations. Simply provide the necessary inputs, and they will provide the desired output. These operations can be performed with all the same programmatic logic such as conditional statements, loops, and even parallel operations.

SecureXLibraries of built-in Atomics (including for AWS) let you conduct custom
operations in your cloud environment through simple drag and drop workflows.

Included with every SecureX Orchestration deployment are libraries of built-in Atomics including a robust one for AWS. From operations such as getting metrics, to creating security groups, or VPC’s, a multitude of custom operations can be conducted in your cloud environment through simple drag and drop workflows. Do you have a defined process for data gathering, or routine operations that needs to be performed? By creating workflows, and assigning a schedule, all of these operations can be completed with consistency and precision, freeing up time to address additional business critical operations.

SecureX AWS

A more effective SecOps team

By combining built in SecureX Orchestration workflows with additional custom ones critical to your organizations processes, end-to-end automation of time sensitive, business critical tasks can be achieved with minimal development. Used in conjunction with the SecureX AWS Relay module, and your organization has at its disposal a fully featured, robust set of monitoring, deployment, management, and response capabilities that can drastically improve velocity, consistency, and the overall effectiveness of any organizations SecOps team.

For more information, please visit the DevNet SecureX Orchestration website.

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