The long awaited return of NetDevOps Live! is upon us! I know you’re as excited as I am.

Announcing NetDevOps Live! Season 3
Announcing NetDevOps Live! Season 3 – Registration OPEN NOW!

When I set out to plan Season 3, I wanted to take time and look at the powerful tooling available for every NetDevOps engineer to pick up and put into their tool chest. So that’s what I did.  I reached out to folks I knew at companies building my favorite tools that were open source or offered excellent community editions for free, and asked if they’d join me for an episode to discuss their solutions, and how they fit into the world of network automation. And take a look at what we’ve got in store for Season 3!

NDL! Season 3 Fills Your Tool Chest
NDL! Season 3 Fills Your Tool Chest

Let’s Check out the Schedule!

We start out on April 7th to learn “What’s new with Ansible Network Automation”.  I’ll be asking Andrius Benokraitis and Sean Cavanaugh to help me (and you) understand all the changes around Ansible networking the last few releases.  Modules, collections, connections, and more!

On April 14th I’ll be back with Brad Downey from GitLab to learn how to “Power Your NetDevOps Workflows with GitLab”. We’ll dive deeper into what GitLab offers network automation engineers beyond just a place to store code and configurations. We use GitLab everyday as part of building and managing DevNet Sandbox, and I’m eager to pickup new tips that we can put to good use.

The following week, Samir Parikh from Intentionet will be joining me on April 21st to discuss the network validation and health tool with the coolest name and logo, Batfish! In “Fishing for Network Health with Batfish”, I’m looking forward to Samir sharing how we can use Batfish to explain the goals of network configuration, like routing and security policy, and then check if our configurations actually do what we intend. Super cool!

The last week of April on the 28th, a good friend of mine, and previous NetDevOps Live! guest Kevin Corbin will join me.  Kevin is now at HashiCorp and will show us how “HashiCorp Brings a Cloud Operating Model to Network Engineers”.  I can’t wait to learn how Consul fits into the networking world.  He even tells me that I need to add a HashiCorp logo to the “Network Controllers” drawer in the tool chest.  I can’t wait to have him convince me!

Moving into May, we will “Give your Network a REST with Postman” when Kevin Swiber joins me on the 5th to talk about one of the first tools many network engineers use for automation.  However there’s more to Postman than just sending your first GET request, and Kevin will share tips to supercharge our use.

On May 12th we’ll tackle “The Truth! Your Network WILL Handle the Truth with NetBox”. This will be a great episode as Jeremy Stretch, founder of NetBox, joins me to talk about one of the big surprises in the network automation world – the fact that IP address management is one of the HOTTEST topics for engineers.

The final episode in Season 3 is on May 19th when we’ll go “Logging and Back Again – A Network Engineers Journey with ELK”. George Kobar from Elastic will help me shine a light on a topic that is just as important as network configuration management, but doesn’t get near the press.

What a way to spend the SPRING!

The Spring of 2020 (or Fall for my Southern Hemisphere friends) is definitely going to be one to remember.  Join me each Tuesday for NetDevOps Live! and pickup a new tool for your own tool chest!

Registration is open NOW for all 7 episodes

Which one are you looking most forward to?  Tell me in the comments of over on Twitter or LinkedIn.

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